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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hd movie projector
Ultra nice projector, hi end finished, ultra brigjt, so fast shipping, I talk with Salange for put a better price and save $$ for taxes in my country. 1000% recomended.. thanks guys.
The item was received in an excellent safe packaging. However, there are a couple of issues to note: 1. The focus dial keeps turning forever and only few times it works. 2. The shipped tripod is of a very poor quality. Finally, their technical support gave me a wrong answer twice when asked about the maximum SD card capacity and cost me buying a Sandisk SDXC 64gb exFAT uselessly. The projector can only read SDHC max 32gb FAT micro SDs.
Very friendly seller, fast response time. My product shipped in 2 weeks in perfect condition. Same as described, tried each and every feature they all work nice. 100% recommended ! Thanks!
Thank you CN-AUCTION Store for a very (very!) fast and careful shipping service! Besides the wrong power plug (China I guess) & wrong adapter (German instead of EU) for Switzerland, everything is great! The projector works and the guys of CN-AUCTION already configured it to English. Thank you!