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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hdmi 4k
Very impressive product. This is the international version of H1. It worked as per specs as soon as I powered it on, did an OTA update on its own after connecting to WiFi. The picture is bright even for day time viewing and watching FIFA world cup is a delight. The speakers are sufficient for a small hall. Tried a few Apps from Aptoide store. YouTube works flawlessly but Amazon prime video app crashes. Hope they fix it soon. I took shipping from Gati and they delivered promptly on promised date to my Bangalore address. Highly recommended product. Only concern is international warranty and repair services in India. Hope I don't need it.
The switch works but is less compatible with my MacBook pro HDMI output, sometimes static snow when switching and sometimes the HDMI audio could not be detected. The keyboard USB output does not work in combination with a Apple keyboard. It is not working at all needed to use the. USB 2.0 port and loosing the keyboard switch feature. Switching between computers is working great no resized windows and hardware install because of the device simulation. Works really great. They offer to put the articles with a lower package price to avoid the customs cost. I also explicity asked for them to do that and requested a different top color. I ended up with 32 euro’s extra customs costs because they put the total price + shipping cost as the value on the package. Also no response from the seller about the color.
Works very well with my computers, one with windows 10 and the second with windows 7. Im using a Microsoft SideWinder X4 keyboard and a razer Deathadder elite mouse. Asked them to send me a grey KVM if they had one.. i got the grey. Thank you! Thumbs up.. good product!
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