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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hdmi cable to
video signal works as expected, audio I have not tried yet but is also not needed for what I want to do with this project. quality seems fine. shipping speed was normal for Ali Express standards. recommend this product if you are looking for a cheap solution. I have not tested the framerate or image quality but on a 17" VGA screen everything looks fine to me.
Item received in good condition. It is operational (tested with RPi3). Audio output is working as expected. Although did not check a high resolution as it is intended for an old TV set.
Very fast delivery. The product works perfect. I wanted it to have and audio out on my Panasonic HC-v720 which not has an headphone out. Ofcourse via this adapter it is a line-out in need of amplefieng but it works perfect. Also the HDMI to VGA worked perfect. I am very impressed that such a cheap small device can tranform hdmi (which is digital) to VGA (which is analog). I expected in real that only the audio would work but infact this converter does everything it says it would. I tested it only with a panasonic HC-V720 HDMI out. Thank you for a great product at such a small price. Comes including audio cable.
Excellent, super fast shipping, Very Very satisfied with my purchase . good communication fast response from the seller .I would return to buy from this store without a doubt .Totally recommended