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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headphon wireless
The earphones arrived to Moscow/Russia within 3 weeks - OK. They produce quite a good sound, no tremendous miracles, but definitely better than 75% of their analogues. Everything works from the box. Nice packaging. The only problem I got is to pair them with a Windows-7 driven laptop, but I suspect an issue within Windows 7. Android smartphone from Xiaomi was connected within seconds and works perfectly with these earphones. When talking on the phone through these earphones it is better to stay away from strong wind and speak loudly. But this is quite a typical situation with all headsets. In a car they work just fine.
Sound quality is not excellent but will not break anything. Earphones are feather light and fit nicely in ears. already tried with 2 mobile phones and no issues. I'm surely gonna buy the L5 next time.
It is a very good product I think... If you don't expect too much from a 16$ earphone, it delivers very satisfied sound. Of course, highs and/or lows are not so spesific but it delivers clear sound. Battlery last 7-8 hours minimun right now. I am very satisfied what I bought for 15$ :)
Excellent quality item, really beautiful colour. Connected easily to my phone, magnetic lock for when you're not using them is a great idea, probably wont ever use it for that realistically but it's a good idea none the less. Came with a cute little bag that is very handy to prevent it getting lost in my handbag. Not sure if the quality of audio is amazing, they're just normal earphones- except prettier :)
Sound - charming stereo with super bass. Need extra EQ on android to run them on some stations. However. From time to time unable to receive calls. Reboot of phone solved. Some days the Headset loses connection with phone let's say each 5 mins. Very annoying. Reboot solved. Despite these issues - the headset is great. Quality of mic is poor. Other side can hear me but bit badly. The battery life was like a 8 hours of music and they were still working. If the problems with connection will disappear- would be greatest headset for small money.