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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headphone mp3 player
Shipping was very long, took 2 months to reach when I've already receive all other items that I ordered later than this. Even so, item received in good condition and working well. If you don't mind the wait this product is worth the value.
Very bad headphones. My ears hurt after 30 minutes of usage, sound quality is quite bad - toooooo much bass and no heights, mids are muffled. The voice informer sounds terrible and volume adjuster keeps getting stuck on one side. Also ZERO noise isolation.
Got the product a little over a month later, exactly as described. But tends to become a bit loose and loses connection sometimes. The sound remains unchanged, didn't observe any decrease in volume. Seller is very prompt and helpful. Happy with the purchase.
Fast shipping. All cables work (one was a bit dirty but with a bit of rakija everything can be fixed). Female jack is so strong that it's very hard to put phones jack in it. That is a good thing. Thanks!