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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headphones appl
To bad that the package had an value of 40 US dollars on it. Now I had to pay an extra tax of 25 US dollars. Why not put an amount of just 20 US dollars on it?
Came pretty fast, in like 2 weeks.. For it’s price I’m more than satisfied with the product.. I ordered two but one of them had a tiny crack on the side but to be honest it’s barely visible and I don’t think that it will affect the quality
The earphone quality is good, the buyer send 3 gifts to me,as the picture show. this new modern i7s is better than normal, it have 2 way to charge it,the charge cable and charge box. We will tell my friend to buy from this store
They better not steel these headphones or I’ll smack the holly unbelievable shmacked out versions of them on their own on-lines. Hop off line to check these headphones they are brilliant.
Great product and realy fast shipping i got it in 10days. This is my second time buying from this seller i am very happy about him and his products qualities. perfect