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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headphones.s
Best Bluetooth ear bud I have owned. I love it. It is not noticeable when I am wearing it and I can stream video or listen to music and no one knows! Great sound too & easy to charge. I will buy another if something happens to this one!
The goods arrived quickly at my home. The quality is very good and I can recommend the seller in the best way. I use this little lingerie but for the filters of my DSLR camera.
Super fast receiving product. The product packaging is very safe! Everything is in a very beautiful box on the photo. There is a headset + headphones charger + English instructions in the box! everything is normal! Follow the instructions to write: 1 Press - to answer the call or play, 2 Press to pause or end the call, press and hold for 5 seconds, this will switch songs. I recommend this product, the product is very good!
honestly I wasn't sure if they are really made of proper memory foam but they are great. will leave additional feedback after wearing them for some time. color isn't grey grey but rather "off white" which I like even more! :)