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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headset gamer
I received the headphone very quickly. Unfortunately it doesn't go in pairing mode. When i press the QCY button for 8 sec it always goes to power on modus after three seconds although I hold the button for longer. It does blink red and blue but I don't hear pairing nor can I find it on any of my iDevices when I go to Bluetooth and do a search. I haven't had such problems with other headphones. I would like to receive a replacement headphone that does work. I hope to hear from you soon.
I liked it very much, quality product and the way it is in the scrivener. It was very comfortable and does not bother, and the audio is very good quality and the visual is very beautiful.
Extremely fast delivery. Took around 1 week. The quality of the headphones is average. The sound is the same as other cheap headphones for same price, so you need to play with EQ to fix it. The headphones lacks middle frequencies but have good bass. Also the 7.1 sound is fully software-emulated and you can get the same with any headphones using Dolby virtual sound, but it was expectable since this phones has only one speaker per ear. The microphone however is very good for voice chats and even recording. I personally do not like the volume control on the remote cause it seems to introduce different levels on different ears on certain settings. The overall this headphones are quite nice for gaming especially if you use voice chats. They are comfortable for hours of playing. Good product for their price.
i am very happy with it the mic is clear and good and also the sound that comes through it is clear too. the only thing is that uf you putnit in your pc is that it does tend to go out of the input of your laptop
high quality product, comes with 3 different size ear plugs and an extra pouch. A bit annoying is the grammatically incorrect notice saying "Device won't connected" each time time your "device is not connected".