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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headset with wire
As I have every important KZ model in my collection (except ZSA but I tested them also) I can tell that this is killer job from KZ. Without burn in period straight out of the box blows away ZSR in area that ZSR is the strongest - highly detailed highs (accomplishing that without almost any trace of sibilance). Unusually good instrument separation and wide soundstage at this price level. Far more balanced and rounded sound signature than ZST and ZS3, not to mention ZS6 or ZS10 (sacrilege?), clearly showing that 10 drivers are not necessary for first rate sound. Right measure of bass and subbass, especially sensitive to equalization resulting in insane bass and subbass quantities (albeit with some bass protruding into mids). Wish only that bass is more controlled and tighter (like better specimens of 1st gen ZS5). Also needs high quality foam tips for better isolation. AK store team communicative and commited to fast shipping as one can expect from one of the best stores on Aliexpress.
Get these while they are on sale! Highly recommended! Lovely Bass and the highs are fine and not to overpowering mids and vocals nice and clear! These are so good I ordered a backup pair straight away. Great seller and fast shipping also!
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