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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headset with wire
Very detailed and balanced sound. Out of the other popular viewed earbuds I have, this sounds the best balance of detail and sound quality. The highs are not harsh and same goes for the mids. There is enough low end bass considering these are earbuds. Only thing I found concerning was the tracking stopped after the 15th of June and this was ordered on the 12th. Overall highly recommended!
The Headphone do not go deep enough in ear canal to make a good seal. They are comfortable in ear but due to bad fit i cannot comment on sound quality as i am not getting any bass due to fitting issue
Get these while they are on sale! Highly recommended! Lovely Bass and the highs are fine and not to overpowering mids and vocals nice and clear! These are so good I ordered a backup pair straight away. Great seller and fast shipping also!