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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for headsets for ps4
as a dutch national take into consideration that you might be picked out by customs. That may delay your package and will cost you another 23 euro. The product itself is nice
I wasn't expecting the items to arrive in NZ so fast and the quality of the headphones is awesome. We bought 3 sets. They were really well protected in the packaging as well. Thanks.
I liked it very much, quality product and the way it is in the scrivener. It was very comfortable and does not bother, and the audio is very good quality and the visual is very beautiful.
The headset is good. It's very suitable for me to work. Several colleagues looked at me and asked me what they bought. Ha ha was very attractive. Is the sound quality very nice and fine? Really good, very lightweight, customer service answer, a perfect shopping.
We received this headset within a week, so very fast. Package itself was of course a bit damaged, but the headset itself in good shape. My kids use it on their PS4 consoles and laptop and they love it. Headset looks exactly as they expected and the usb (just for the light) also workes. Very nice product for very nice price indeed.