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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hestia
hi got them in 2 days ago and have gave them a really good try I am amazed at how loud and clear the music is on these would highly recommend to anyone that need a new set of earphones many thanks to you James McGowan
accurate description, very good product for the price and looks very neat, but also has some shortcomings: 1) no indication of battery level (like audio notification that many products have - mine cost even less than 10€) 2) left and right audio channels are swapped - not really a problem when listening music, but video with 3D sound effects may feel wrong (i discovered this problem with audio tests)
REMEMBER TO BUY 3 mm FOAM TIPS. CHEAPEST AND BEST HERE : 16 pcs / 8 pair. ANJIRUI T100 3.0 mm 12.5mm insulation foam tips for in-ear earphone headset earphones enhanced bass ear pads to Clipboard I'm disappointed because X3T is the latest version. and now the size is much bigger! The previous model X2T was smaller and has a better sound with much better bass and greater detail and stereo perspective and airflow. Old X2T sound is not near hard and aggressive as X3T. Even after a period with app like "burn in", the sound in X3T does not really improve. Do not get me wrong, X3T is excellent for the price and probably among the best, but X2T sound better. In comparison, the new X3T has a tight but olso uncontrolled bas, lack of space and stereo perspective. My recommendation is therefore to buy the old and smaller X2T until a better version - proberly called X4T is ready.".. Remember 3mm foam tips..
Ordered gold and got rose :-(. Browser can only be installed after inserting a micro sd card. Browser is very slow and can not render most pages. Dialing and typing is hard due to very tiny keys. A hidden menu with QQ and app store is revealed on dialing *#00000000#, where you can download games, but no shortcuts from the main menu are possible. I found no iOS app yet, but ringing works just by pairing bluetooth. The Facebook and twitter app are just opening the browser. But all in all the price is extremly for the features given.
Excellent product Great quality Sinc prefect as both as with the phone, it came a manual, but for me work sinc first worth the iPhone, and then between them. Is important to use the correct adapter to your ear for keep it place on the ear. It does not silence all the exterior sound, but enough to hear clearly. The microphone work great, they can hear you but be careful not to be on s noise place.