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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hi fi
Really good IEM. It has a really good bass, some might find it too much, but for me it is perfect. Not disturbing but quite powerful. If someone finds it too much, with an equalizer just decrease the bass a bit and will be perfect.
amazing product, amazing sound, the only two drawbacks are size (still you can't fit 6 drive units in small size) and time it took to deliver. I do recommend to buy this product, it's worth its cost.
Produit parfait rapide expedition nice présentation only ( little) problem i ordered the nice box but when i wiped off the labels the fake leather came off with and disgraced the box !
I tested them and compared with SUPRA EFF-I cable. SUPRA EFF-I itself is very good cable and I found this Choseal AA-5401 to be very similar to this SUPRA EFF-I. I found Choseal AA-5401 to be with even more bright sound by a fraction compared to SUPRA EFF-I. So if you like SUPRA EFF-I, then you like also this cable. If you wish your SUPRA EFF-I to be a little bit even more bright and sparkling (but not too much more) then your choice is very correct to buy this cable.
They are good but without any "wow" effect. Highs are little bit overwelming for me. Bass in them can be plesant but only after some customization and sacrifice of high volume.. which is actually not as loud as I would sometimes like, at least they wont make me deaf.