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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for high cameras
Very cool kit and well worth the price. Mostly for indoor use though because it can be challenging to control in even the faintest breeze. First time I brought it outside, it gently rose above my backyard and gracefully landed at the bottom of my neighbours pool.
Quick delivery reached in 9 days. Over all product is quite good and as per specifications. Although propeller guard was quite weak it broke after hitting the wall during 2nd flight.
The wrist strap lanyards are great! They come in a couple of very nice colours and they feel very very sturdy! I have no fear of hanging my phone off of them as I am very confident of their strength.
Very fast, very good quality. I must say the frame is shakey and it is hard to get the focus right, but it magnifies very well. Also I recommend using some more rigid frame holder to make sure it won't fall over during a video.
It's magnification is good for the price. Not exactly what i expected, but still good. 1. 20€ note magnification, cant tell how many times the magnification is tho. 2. Scalpel blade. 3. Small copper wire. 4. Keyboard plastic texture.