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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for high resolution audio
Good received, quickly delivery with DHL, Unfortunatlely, I had to pay an extra cost not included with the customs fees = 25€. Good product, and sound, well done, easy to associate in bluetooth.
Very good product competing with products that are three times the da3 price easily. Sound quality is great, user interface is simplistic and its size is super compact. Unfortunately it can't be used with mobile. Connection to my Samsung S7 is very hit and miss. The warning is right at the bottom of the product detail writeup but I missed it so if your main purpose is to pair with your mobile, do look elsewhere.
Device works well. I'm so surprised with the improvements made by using this DAC, especially with the balance output. To my ears (personal opinion): The sound becomes more detailed, soundstage becomes a bit wider, bass becomes tighter. Small feedback for the seller: Maybe you can give more explanation about the device in the product manual. For example what's the difference between FLT1, 2, 3. For a newbie like me, I have to google around to understand the function/difference. I'm still not sure though. Other than that, the seller is really nice. and friendly. The shipping is really fast too. I receive the product in just around 2 weeks time (ordering on 28th March and receive it on 13th April).
Really happy with the unit. It arrived well packaged and in good time. It works like a dream - currently being used on Linux minecraft server, a Linux steam server and a server 2008 box. Everything is running smoothly and worked straight off with no need to restart anything. Absolutely awesome ☺️
Outstanding Customer Support! We needed this early and the seller sent it out by DPEX (a $50 value) instead of regular free post. I cannot be happier to recieve it when I needed it. The product is better than we expected. Working like a charm! Highly recommended.