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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hikvision
The Camera is nice and the seller has sent the order very fast. But the Russian delivery service SPSR (DPD) was way too slow - over 3 weeks to deliver the order after passing the Russia border. Seriously? 3 weeks for "express delivering" ? Disappointing timing for extra money paid for delivery.
This seller seem that he does not have any available stock. Seller exploited the AliExpress system by marking the items as shipped so as to secure the order. After which, he enters a bogus tracking number into the system. Despite numerous times messaging the seller to check on the status of the item, seller does not reply. Seller ships out the item eventually after several weeks. Item is still received eventually. If you are in a hurry, do not buy from this seller.
Quality of cameras are better than most i have tried for the price range. They feel heavy, not light and cheap. Delivery was fast. Easy plug and play with NVR. It also works with 3rd party ONVIF cameras, although takes a bit of setting up, not complicated. Customer service is the best i have encountered. Genuine service and very honest. Also I found them very helpful and supportive answering questions and providing instructions and how to operate and setup random stuff related to products of course etc. This seller is very caring. The applications on phone and PC are easy to use/setup. It even worked perfectly on my MAC. I highly recommend those products let alone the seller. Thank you so much.
the camera is working, but when I tryed to use "hiks connect cloud service" in the app, it shows that cant find device with such serial number. why? I use barcode scanner frop rhe hiks app to add sn from the camera box
8 days from order to Delivered to my door by DHL. Worked straight out of the box. Painless transaction, no import duty to be paid. Apparently in UK if total order is less than £135 including shipping no custom charges will be made. All things considered I would use this service again without hesitation.