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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hot video
My new microphone works 1000 times better then my older one! All my YouTube/Twitch viewers say they can hear me so much better =D. I love both of the settings that the microphone has the Volume and the Echo.
Ultra fast delivery ! (1 week !!). For me, this is a use-and-trash headphone at very low price, because headphones -with me- don't last for a long time. So i buy this one because head band is flexible and will not break like cheap other ones. Residual problems is connectors and potentiometer. Time will tell how many month it will work with me ...
Phone has come in three weeks, as well as has been stated. Not to a povrezhda, box whole. Unfortunately the goods were only in a package of courier service, protective packing wasn't. The gadget didn't work, didn't join. The seller has returned money after intervention AliExpress.
One of the better cheap ear plugs I've bought from AE. The volume adjuster is compatible with my Samsung Galaxy S9+, but not my old iPod Touch. The pause button works with both. For activities like jogging: They sit okay in my ears, but tend to slip out a little from time to time.
I received the headsets after two months. This was my second order, but it took much longer than the first. The biggest surprise I had was that the headphones are different than those I have received the first time. The base on these are not as powerful as in the first ones and the aspect is completely different. I did not received then in a retail box as the first time. I do not know what happened. These ones work fine, but I was expecting the same product as the first time.