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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hott
Delivery to Norway - 3 weeks. Package arrived damaged, but that's to the another plastic player packing it didn't suffer any damage. Works well. Compare the price and quality I think it was good deal. No other further comments. Thanks to the seller.
The MP3 player arrived as promised. Was able to connect to my bluetooth headphones no problem. The radio works great, the sound is acceptable. The clip is very very convenient. For the price, I have no complaints at all.
The product description is 100% accurate. The item arrived in perfect condition, and on the exact day as predicted. Thank you for shipping to the USA. This seller works in a professional manner and is trustworthy.
Product is awesome. Solid built. Nice glowing touch buttons. Overall a good product. Good audio quality. Also thanks seller for providing basic earphones as it was not mentioned anywhere that earphones will be provided.