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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ht
Some friend used the previous BT 4.0.. over 2 years. Than the plastic headphone band has broken in pieces on a tear spot. I have orders this new upgraded model BT 4.2 and he is happy with it. (Overall good sound quality and battery play time!) Just have to wait three weeks to receive it.
Well, for the price these headphones are GREAT. The design looks great, the battery is very very good (more than 15 hours on my laptop without having to charge). The quality of the sound is excellent and comparable to 100€+ headphones. The only downside would be the comfort. It's OK but not the best. You will have to let your ears breathe for a minute from time to time. But again, for -20€ it's just not an issue at all!
Battery length 45mm, diameter 18. Where is the 2200 mAh here? I do not think there is a short circuit protection, only 3 n-FETs (?) are connected to the heater. Still, the Product is worth its price. Fast delivery to Lithuania - only 16 days! Seller 5 points!!! Good luck!!!
5 stars for the seller but 4 stars for the product. Good sound, good connection but poor buttons. When you shake your head you can hear the movement of the buttons.
The case is very nice and perfect fitting to the phone. In addition to the normal leather case there is a plastic case designed for Homtom HT16 phone, which is fixed firmly to the leather case, which is very useful. I recommend strongly this case.