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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for i fone 5s
Overall a very good product for the price - tiny size, good sound for an in-ear cheap bud-phone. Problem: I ordered 2 pairs but one arrived broken. However - the dispute system worked and half my money was returned - overall satisfied....BUT - does this suggest these are too fragile for routine use...only time will tell
Great ear phones for the money. Only criticism is that the plastic box does not close properly. Got another pair of same earphones form another supplier and those had no problems with the box. Maybe it was just my bad luck. Shipping was reasonably quick, around 14 days but still just a few days slower than the same pair of earphones ordered from original QKZ store. Furthermore, those other ones were ordered a day later but still arrived 2 days earlier. Anyway a, good purchase,
amazing quality,great base sound, sound proof even in very loud places, just great! second time buying this item,very happy again! got 3 of them.. definitely gonna order more ,the earphones pic is my old pair that i orderd last year