10 Books Geronimo Stilton 1-10 English Kids Child USA Original Color Picture Adventure Novel Manga Comic Story Book Age 5 and up

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  • Language: English
  • Age: Ages 8-12 Years Old
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  • Format: Paperback
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10 Books Geronimo Stilton 1-10 English Kids Child USA Original Color Picture Adventure Novel Manga Comic Story Book Age 5 and up

Package include: 10 books / set Geronimo Stilton Volume 1-10 USA original color picture adventure novel manga Author: Geronimo Stilton Size: 13.3 x 19cm Language: English Publisher: Scholastic Title: 1. Lost Treasury of the Emerald eye 2. The Curse of the cheese pyramid 3. Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House 4. I’m Too Found of My Fur 5. Four Mice Deep in the Jungle 6. Paws off, Cheddarface! 7. Red Pizzas for a Blue Count 8. Attack of the Bandit Cats 9. A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo Geronimo 10. All Because of a Cup of Coffee

About the author Geronimo Stilton, born in Mouse City on Mouse Island, is kind and likes to read and write. The Rats Bulletin he runs is a very popular newspaper in Miao Mouse City. His oral slogan is: "I really hate traveling!" But he is often dragged away to travel. And every trip is a surprise adventure with constant laughter and accidents. After each adventure, he will provide readers with a good book that is interesting. Content: 1. Lost Treasury of the Emerald eye One day, after Thea discovered an ancient treasure map of "Emerald Eyes", Geronimo, Thea and Trap began a thrilling treasure hunt. However, the journey of treasure hunt is not smooth, twists and turns, dangers are ringing, first encountering a big storm at sea, and then discovering the treasure map itself is a mystery. It is not an easy task to unlock the secrets in the treasure map. Finally, with the extraordinary wisdom and abilities of Geronimo, they finally reached their destination. However, there is still no so-called emerald eye. Did Geronimo's judgment have a problem? Is the treasure map itself a joke? In fact, they are all, neither. So in the end, did they find the "Emerald Eye"? 2. The Curse of the cheese pyramid Grandpa Max is ordered, Geronimo is going to Egypt to find exclusive news! Why is there a disgusting smell in the cheese pyramid? The Egyptian cultural expert Professor Femmies fainted in the pyramid. Did the legendary curse be fulfilled? Can Geronimo, who has gone through a lot of hardships, finally succeed in completing the interview? 3. Cat and Mouse in a Haunted House Geronimo strayed into Kenny Cat Castle on a smoggy October night. There are mouse bones, broken claw cat ghosts, mummies, witches and vampires in the castle... These "east sides" can appear in an instant and disappear in an instant. In the four mice of Geronimo, Thea, Trap and Benjamin, why only Geronimo can see these "things"? Finally, this strange mystery was unleashed by Benjamin... 4. I’m Too Found of My Fur Geronimo received a call for help from the inventor Professor Ape Volt, and Geronimo and his team immediately went to the Himalayas to rescue. Under the guidance of the guide, they bravely climbed the world peak - Mount Everest. The mysterious snow monster paw prints in the snow can let them discover the whereabouts of Professor Volt? Specimens of mysterious prehistoric animal mammoths are left in the snow-capped mountains! 5. Four Mice Deep in the Jungle This book tells you that Geronimo has recently encountered a serious problem: he fears everything and becomes nervous. Thea, Trap and Benjamin are determined to help him overcome this problem for the health of Geronimo. They tricked him into signing a contract and forced him to attend a tropical jungle training course called "The Rats". As a result, Geronimo had to walk with the other four unlucky rodents on the overgrown sacs in the gloomy virgin jungle, and he had to continue to accept a variety of unexpected non-rat challenges. When the mission was successfully completed, Geronimo was reborn. He overcame all the timid fears. "Of course he is afraid of cats because he is a mouse! 6. Paws off, Cheddarface! Geronimo has always encountered some strange things: first, on the road, I was inexplicably hit by a female mouse, and then I found myself making some kind of toilet advertising spokesperson, and later my own "Rat People's Gazette" was Competitor Sally bought... so that Geronimo had a hard time returning to the streets... When Geronimo and Thea investigated the matter, they found that there were only mice whose voices and looks were similar to their own. Geronimo was angry, and he decided to "take the rat's way to cure the rat's body" - let Trap pretend to be Sally, teach the despicable Sally, and finally retake the "Ratarian Bulletin"... 7. Red Pizzas for a Blue Count Geronimo received an emergency call from Trap from the mysterious castle in the middle of the night, so he decided to go to Thea and Benjamin to go to the castle in Rattania to implement the “rescue plan”. It turned out that Trap discovered that he might be a descendant of the Duke of the aristocratic mouse wagon, Zhuo Peng, through an institution specializing in “family tree”, so he came to the castle to investigate. At the same time, Geronimo found that the owner of the castle, the Count of Rattov, and his niece, Estherna, were unusually eccentric, not only wearing long cloaks, hanging to sleep, but also drinking a thick drink. A liquid like blood, which is both fearful and curious. After a series of events, the truth finally came to light: It turns out that the count and his niece are bats, no wonder they are so "eccentric"! 8. Attack of the Bandit Cats The work mistakes allowed Geronimo to flee the city of Mia Mouse and embark on a hot air balloon ride with Trap, Thea and Benjamin looking for "Flipping Silver Island". Who knows, but was caught by a group of pirate cats on the way, and almost smashed into delicious dishes! It turned out that what they were looking for was not a small island full of silver, but a silver-white Spanish pirate ship, the Silver Claw. At Benjamin's reminder, they managed to escape from the cell and successfully trapped the pirate cats on an isolated island. Later, they also discovered the secret treasure house hidden in the ship, and retrieved the ancient silver circle that the pirate cat snatched from the mouse island during the cat and mouse war. After returning, the Seton family immediately became the hero of Miaozhen City. Of course, the mistakes made by Geronimo are also forgiven. 9. A Fabumouse Vacation for Geronimo Geronimo can't wait to take a vacation. But all sorts of unfortunate things made him delay the flight again - the printing machine failed, the warehouse was flooded, and the house of the sugar aunt's house caught fire, which made him busy. In order to implement Geronimo's vacation plan, the travel agency finally proposed to let him stay in a rotten rat hotel for a while. This is certainly not a wonderful place to go - bad food, swarms of mosquitoes, and fickle weather. Fortunately, the pink with Geronimo brought a lot of interesting games, and Geronimo had a wonderful time with friends and friends. When he got home, he realized that he was happy all the time! 10. All Because of a Cup of Coffee "Men's Bulletin" big news: Geronimo is in love! For the dreaming mouse, he visited the mysterious female warlock and set foot on his most fearful journey to find the eighth wonder of the world... What is the eighth wonder of the world? Why haven't you found it for thousands of years? What are the secrets that are unknown? Geronimo finally achieved its goal with extraordinary wisdom, and became a famous mouse, but why did it sigh "Love can't be so"?