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new indoor 15 inch sport double target dart magnetic flocking dartboard board double thickening for wholesale and freeshipping

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Item specifics

  • Age: >8 Years
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model Number: QJ-FB03
  • Type: Darts
  • place of orgin: china
  • Darts plate classification: Flocking hard darts plate
  • gender: unisex
  • is customized: yes
  • size: 15 inch
Product Description
The thickness is about 1.2cm, disk is 15 inch, weight is 1.05kg, suitable for family units, schools, office, dorm room.

Use the information

Compared to other sports, darts are very safe, but some of us are injured. There are three possible reasons lead to a "wounded".

1, the darts too light. If a dart is very light, with large strength, easy to make muscle.

2, posture is not correct. Darts of the right way to grasp the following points, forefoot and darts line parallel to the reverse direction to dart plate body nature, use "body twisting force to maintain stability". Body slightly forward, with darts channel the hand on the same side of the foot, the other foot backward nature extend to maintain balance. Was the shoulder dart set, "upper arm doesn't move," is the swimmer with elbow, in darts instant hand movements to keep straight, natural prolapse after out of the dart. It is not easy to cause injury.

3, overtraining. Although darts consumption physical strength is not big, but not "naughty". Don't exercise at ordinary times, the best control time of the play darts, is half an hour to an hour at a time.

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, darts game field should be set in indoor, indoor height should be not less than 2.8 meters.


Second, darts area on the ground


(a) the lower for a certain width of woodiness floor (width of between 1 to 2 meters).


(2) covering the carpet on the floor or rubber.


(3) the darts flat area of the ground should be kept clean, no obstacle.


Three, darts area


(a) dart disc hanging high??


From the center of the center of the circle (50 partition) to ground vertical height of 1.73 m. Dart plate as a whole should be perpendicular to the ground.


(2) the distance of the darts


Center of dart from the positive to the ground vertical vertex to darts line of center distance of 2.37 meters, is the most short distance runner darts.


(3) the darts line


Darts line should be raised metal, wood or plastic texture of the ground rules of line or plate, its height not less than 0.03 m, width of 0.6 meters, and dart positive parallel plate. From the center of the center of the circle center of darts to the line is diagonal length is 2.93 meters.


(4) the distance between the darts area with two dart plate corresponding to the distance between the side of the subject, this distance should be not less than 2 meters.

Darts game

A, 501,


Affiliated rule: can choose single/double the bull 's-eye, normal/double into, normal/twice/three times out.


Game two rounds, each contestant starting at 501 points, players score with throwing scores reduced, first of all, to reduce the integral to 0 victory, such as after completion of ten rounds with no player will be integral to 0, is the lowest in the integral to win. If the player made a dart reduces integral into unable to end the game scores (normal integral < 0; double integral 1 or less, three times the points 2 or less or under the condition of twice/three times out, hit a double area three times the area/make integral reduced to 0), known as the "critical dart", after blasting dart, cancel the score, end the thrown at the same time, the athlete darts turn.


Second, the blackjack GAME (21)


Single/double affiliated rule: optional the bull 's-eye


A game seven rounds, each round throwing machine randomly assigned score area. Hit the specified score of single, double, three times in area 1, 2, 3 points, points at the right moment of 21 points to win. If completed seven rounds of throwing, no players to 21 points, the integral of the wins. If the player made a score area to make more than 21 points, called "blasting dart", after critical dart, cancel the score, the throwing over the player at the same time, turn to next player darts.


Three, skeet shooting (SHOOT OUT)


No affiliate rules.


A game seven rounds, machine randomly assigned a score, players score area specified in the hit 10 seconds to 1 minute, make others? 't bad MeiZheng  generation bright and accurate burial about sun? tons ray vector Chi?


Initial each contestant 20 points, hit a specified score points minus 1, first of all, to reduce the integral to 0 victory. If after seven rounds of throwing, no player is integral to 0, is the lowest in the integral of winning.




Affiliated rule: can choose single/double the bull 's-eye


A game seven rounds, after seven rounds of throwing, score the highest win.



No affiliate rules.

Inning 18th round, throwing the same score area and rounds, each round hit the score in a double zone 1 points, hit three times the area 2 points, hit single times zones within 3 points, for Chinese and foreign haploid area 4 points, didn't hit the target five points, each round to final score is the score obtained darts so players in made himself satisfied with the effective fraction, had better give up the remaining throwing darts. After completion of 18 wheel throwing the lowest in the integral to win.

Six, killer (KILIER)

No affiliate rules.

Game seven rounds, selected the first hit is not other competitors score, score is the player selected area, and keep to the bureau. Hit your selected score 1 point. In the integral before 6 or higher, make other area is invalid. When a contestant or 6 points after become "killer". Killer made himself selected score area, integral plus 1 (add to nine points after no longer increases). Hit other players selected score area, be made players score minus 1. If a player score 0 or less, the player was knocked out, the last player to win the rest of the players. Such as complete seven rounds of throwing, there is still no less than 1, the highest number of points wins.

Seven, goal setting (SUPER SCRAM)

Affiliated rule: can choose single/double the bull 's-eye.

Two games, do not need to set a number, a game seven rounds, is determined by the upper and lower two scores. With first darts players for sealing area, its task is to close the score, after darts players to score, the task is never closed score score area. To sealing area, the cumulative area made a score three times (hit single, double, three times, is equal to hit a certain score area 1, 2, 3 times), the score area is closed. To score, hit the open points area corresponding points, hit the closed score area is invalid. Shut down all score area, or complete seven rounds of throwing, end game.

The second inning, both players exchange roles, (namely, the first game of darts, first as the darts after scoring player; the second, after a game of darts, the second for sealing area's first darts) completed two games, scoring the most wins.

Eight, order score (SHANG HAI)

Affiliated rule: can choose single/double the bull 's-eye

Game seven rounds, in order, in turn, throwing 1-20 score area and the bull 's-eye, hit target zone corresponding points (such as shooting score 5 goals OuDeSan times zone, 5 * 3 = 15 points), hit the target area is invalid (0). Each score area made a dart, or the throwing into the next scores. As a player was round three darts hit a target score area three points which may vary from area (i.e., single, double, three times each dart), the player is the authority for this victory. If completed seven rounds of throwing, no player won with the above method, has the highest number of points wins.

Affiliated rule: can choose single/double the bull 's-eye.

First ten round, a game to win 321 points, if, after the completion of ten wheel throwing no player for 321 points, the highest number of points wins. As players made a dart and other players have to make yourself after integral equals the integral, integral be catch up with the players, the integral will be clear to 0, called "came for success".

If the player made a dart makes more than 321 points, after is called "critical dart". After blasting dart, cancel the wheel score, end the thrown at the same time, the athlete darts turn

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