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Blood Glucose

Cofoe GA-3 Blood Glucose Meter & Test Strips & Lancets Needles Diabetes Glucometer Blood Sugar Monitor for Diabetic

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Review by Jxxxe (US)
Just got this in the mail and tested my blood, the machine speaks Chinese (love it) I don't understand it but it makes me feel good the voice is cheerful!!! Not sure how accurate it is, but will know over time. My blood sugar tested as a 12.0 and it's possible I just ate lunch so probably high. (I am on Metformin and some other medications for type 2 diabetes) will test again in a few hours and get some sort of baseline. I can afford to test multiple times a day with this machine, the local pharmacy's would want over 200 dollars for something even close to this. Thank you for making this machine and you have helped me!!! I will order again when the strips run out!!!


whaaaaaat ?

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: Cofoe
  • Commodity Quality Certification: 3C
  • Material: Medical PVC
  • Size: GA-3
  • Model Number: Yizhun
  • Item Type: Blood Glucose
  • Item Name: Blood Glucose Meter
  • Test: Blood Sugar Content
  • Type: Self Test Service
  • Strips and Lancet: 100pcs/100pcs
  • Size: 160X112X50mm
  • Material: Plastic LCD screen blood glucose monitor
  • Without Bar Code: Automatic calibration glucometer
  • Own voice broadcast: Human nature blood glucose meter
  • Adjustable Measuring Scale: Accurate blood glucose meter
  • Net wight: 0.2kg
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Cofoe GA-3 Blood Glucose Meter & Test Strips & Lancets Needles 



- By aviation restrictions, battery is not included in the package.

- The unit of the machine is mmol/L only.

- Dear, when u make order, pls check the option to make right choice, some is kit, some only meter or strips, so the price is not the same.



1.Best time for measuring:

(1)Fasting plasma glucose( At least 8 to 10 hours without any food,except water.).

(2)2 hours after a meal (The timing starts from the first bite)


2.Normal range:

(1)Fasting blood glucose (FBG):3.9-6.1m mol/L(70-110 mg/dL).(2)Postprandial blood sugar (2 hours after a meal):3.9-7.8m mol/L(70-140mg/dL).

* Unit conversion formula: 

The blood glucose concentration usually has two methods:one is the mmol/L,the other is the mg/dL. The two glucose concentration units can be converted to each other,the conversion coefficient is 18. Converted from mmol/L to mg/dL is the former(mmol/L) multiply 18;conversely by mg/dl to mmol/L is former(mg/dL) divided by 18.


3.Test sample:

(1)Should wait for the alcohol volatilize thoroughly,because of the residual alcohol will affects the measured values.

(2)The first blood you've collected can not be used as test sample, that it may be mixed with the tissue fluid.



Blood should be closed to the edge of test strips that it makes the blood absorbed effectively by test paper.And it should put the blood on the other side of paper which close to a small port on the upper left.
And then turn the machine over 45 degrees makes it toward to this suction port. 



About 15% to 20% deviation.

A deviation of the testing result maybe caused by the Improper operation, diet or the emotion changes. And the test error of the blood glucose meter was less than 20% which had no effect on the treatment of the patients.




Glucometer 50 kits: Lancets pen 1pcs, GA-3 Glucometer device 1pcs (Battery is not include), Test strips 50pcs, Lancets 50pcs , PU bag


Glucometer 100 kits: Lancets pen 1pcs, GA-3 Glucometer device 1pcs (Battery is not include), Test strips 100pcs, Lancets 100pcs , Pu bag


50 strips lancets: Test strips 50pcs, Lancets 50pcs

100 strips lancets: Test strips 100pcs, Lancets 100pcs  



The expiry date of test strips is Jan, 2021. Please use up within 6 Months after opening the strips bottle. 





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