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Galaxy T-11+ Table Tennis Blade With 2x Kokutaku Tuple 007 (Non Tacky) Rubber With Sponge for a Racket Long Shakehand FL

US $74.17

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Item specifics

  • Rubber: Pimples In
  • Grip Means: Horizontal Grip
  • Weight: Center Focus (All-round Methods)
  • Model Number: T-11+ ; Tuple 007 (Non Tacky)
  • Bottom: Full Wood Plus Carbon Fiber
  • Baseboard Layer Number: 5+2
  • Handle: Long (Shakehand) - FL
  • Rubber Colour: 1 Red + 1 Black
  • store number: AAAAZH083
Product Description

Galaxy T-11+ Table Tennis Blade With 2x Kokutaku Tuple 007 (Non Tacky) Rubber With Sponge for a Racket





Assembled ! The two rubbers have already been glued onto this blade !

One side is red, the other side is black. It is one racket when you get the item.



About the assembled T-11+ racket, please note:
Because only on the blade surface on forehand you can see T-11+, but it is covered by the glued rubber.
To confirm that I sent the right T-11+, disclose the rubber glued on forehand, and you will see all words and pictures on the forehand.







Blade: Yinhe / Galaxy T-11+ Table Tennis Blade


Type: Offensive

Ply: 5 (Wooden) + 2 (Carbon)

Speed: 10

Control: 10

Thickness: about 7.3mm±0.2mm

Weight: about 70g±5g

Handle: Long (Shakehand) - FL 



Now blade surfaces use different designs but the blade is same.






Rubbers: Kokotaku Tuple 007 (TENSION) Non-Tacky Pips-in Table Tennis Rubber With Sponge


Kokutaku TUPLE 007 Taiwan is a New type of NON-TACKY EXPLOSION professional table tennis rubber with sponge. It was developed by Tianjin Tuttle International Trade Co., Ltd. Tianjin, China under the guide of table tennis experts from Germany.
It used natural rubber and adopted the World's most advanced pimples structure & rubber surface treatment technologies. Thus, makes the rubbers with strong spin, fast speed and ideal steadiness in the same time. When combines with DESERT sponge, can further reveals the product's styles and characters, obatining the FAST SPEED plus perfect spins. Thus, makes every players loves it.


Speed: 12
Control: 10
Spin: 10.5
Sponge Thickness: 2.2mm
Rubber Color: 1
Red + 1 Black

If you have special request about the rubber color, please contact me before you bid on the item.



This price is for only ONE racket.



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Item number in store: AAAAZH083

Galaxy T-11+ Table Tennis Blade: YH0001083

Kokotaku Tuple 007 (TENSION) Non-Tacky rubber with sponge: KO0004004