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Storage Bags

20*30cm PVC heat shrink bags/ Clear Membrane Plastic Cosmetic Packaging bags/ plastic shrinkable pouch.Spot 100/ package

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Review by kxxxf (KW)
Excellent, and excellent , very good backing,I test it was fast shrinking and strong material, 5 star thanks seller, I wish if you could lower the shipping price, thanks

Item specifics

  • Type: Storage Bags
  • Material: Waterproof PVC
  • Applicable Space: Living Room
  • Form: Bag Compression Type
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Pattern: Flat Type
  • Brand Name: Heinz Hunter
  • Shape: Square
  • Use: Sundries
  • Product: Breast Milk Storage Bag
  • Classification: Vaccum Compressed Bag
  • Model Number: 20*30cm
  • Thickness: 4C
Product Description


The product price list
PVC environmental protection heat shrink bag
Product specification(cm) Price ( usd )  
8*18 1.6 Click to buy
10*20 1.6 Click to buy
12*18 1.6 Click to buy
13*25 0.95 Click to buy
15*27 1.3 Click to buy
16*30 1.5 Click to buy
18*26 1.5 Click to buy
20*30 1.8 Click to buy
22*31 2.2 Click to buy
24*29 2.2 Click to buy
24*37 2.5 Click to buy
26*32 2.5 Click to buy
27*40 3.2 Click to buy
28*35 2.9 Click to buy
30*40 3.5 Click to buy
33*45 4.4 Click to buy
35*50 5 Click to buy
38*47 5 Click to buy
42*63 7.5 Click to buy
50*70 10.3 Click to buy
POF environmental protection heat shrink bag
Product specification(cm) Price ( usd )  
7*22 1.9 Click to buy
9*27 1.2 Click to buy
11*24 1.2 Click to buy
13*27 1.4 Click to buy
14*26 1.4 Click to buy
15*30 1.6 Click to buy
17*28 1.8 Click to buy
19*30 2 Click to buy
21*33 2.7 Click to buy
23*35 3 Click to buy
25*36 3.3 Click to buy
27*38 3.9 Click to buy
32*45 5.2 Click to buy
35*50 6.3 Click to buy
37*48 6.3 Click to buy
43*65 9.7 Click to buy
55*75 14.2 Click to buy
Product information
Product Name: PVC heat shrink bag
Product specifications: 8*18-50*70
Thickness: one side 0.02mm
Material: PVC plastic
Packing: carton
Mode of transport: Express
Payment: Alipay
Price Description: Spot 100/ package. 8*18 ,10*20 ,12*18 is 200/ package 
Product Description: suitable for jewelry boutique, medicine, food, electronics, hardware, dry cargo, cosmetics and a variety of products, packaging, packaging is also suitable for home storage, classification, dust, waterproof, make your life more convenient.
Product detail drawing
In pieces usually buyers on the same day or next day delivery after payment, in case of special circumstances, I will contact you in time. Meet the holiday need to postpone. Courier in every region of the different quality and attitude, express company work efficiency and service quality the good and bad are intermingled, express delivery if there is any way we neglect or for delay, as the third party, there is a problem, I will actively assist you to handle, please buyer friends understand! Whether it is the post office or Courier company, there is the possibility of delay, if you encounter this kind of situation, please don't try so hard, the contact me help you with your query.
Thank you for your presence store, and sincerely hope to be able to complete the transaction with you pleasant. I cherish your each evaluation, in the process of trading for items, store service or Courier company have any questions, please timely inform before the evaluation, I will try my best to help you solve the problem, want to give you a most satisfactory answer.
Please be sure to I sign for it, and after the inspection first, then sign after receiving STH, or when the Courier delivery man open inspection, if any problem found goods quality or quantity, please refuse to sign after receiving STH, please express delivery man or issue a certificate, and immediately contact me, I query after check will do for you free of charge transfer or reissue, please don't worry, if you once again after receipt complaint, shortage or damage to the goods shall not accept still hope understanding.
Receiving notice: please customers receiving (signed), before must first check whether the goods damage (should be opened) (especially the number of the check), please be sure to damage of rejection, and contact us. We will deal with this matter, if there is a wrong number, I can ask the Courier company claim for compensation. If not carefully check to sign for it, the consequences of all conceit! Please do pay attention! And please buyer must personally sign for (the collecting all the consequences of conceit), upon receipt of the goods if you have any question, please consult our customer service staff, we will try our best to solve your problem!



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