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HOT! 3D printer V6 Cyclops dual head kit 2 in 1 out TL-Feeder bowden splitter multi feeder System with with Titan Extruder

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Review by mxxxh (CA)
came neatly packed in a strong plastic box!! put both together and they seem extremely well made the y piece is awesome i tested it with a dry run!!( loose piece of filament!! and wow it goes in and out flawlessly!! no binding nothing !! :) thank you for such a well made item!

Item specifics

  • Brand Name: Mellow
  • Model Number: 77
  • Item Type: J-head
  • Use for: 3D Printer
  • Molding form: FDM
  • Material: Plastic
  • Bowden tube size: 4MM
Product Description
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Locking Clips for TL-feeder or any other collet of 4MM bowden tube(E3D Bowden Coupling).Design to prevent the tube slip out and improve the accuracy of retraction.
Link to   download :(thingiverse.com/thing:2125136)

TL-Feeder (Multi-Filament Feeder)--Intuitive Multi-Filament 3D Printing  



1.Simplify3D_TL-Feeder_system  Setting parameters


2.TL-Feeder assembly instructions


Please use the provided custom percision made ID 1.9mm  PTFE tube for the hotend insert. Using normal 2MM inner diameter PTFE tube as insert will risk filament jamming.



TL-Feeder (Multi-Filament Feeder)

The TL-Feeder is a revolutionary extrusion system that expands the capabilities of any low-cost 3D printer. It allows your 3D printer to produce complex multi-color and multi-material objects with the simplicity of a single hot end.
Main Features:
Print with 2 colors or materials (support material, composites, and special materials).
No dual head calibration required.
No nozzle dripping (single nozzle design).
No color contamination (single hot end design).
Low moving mass  makes it ideal for Rostock style delta printers.
Durable injection molding parts long working life guaranteed(PA66+GF30).
Snap joints free make  maintenance more easily.
E-3D ECO-system  compatible.
Lightweight and heigh power ceramic heaters  optional makes different temperature materials switch more quickly. 
(e.g.Printing 200C PLA and 240C ABS simultaneously)
The TL-feeder is compatible with any FDM 3D printer that supports the following:
Dual extruder stepper motors on the controller board. 
A standard 100K thermistor for the hot end .
CURA slicer engine or Simplify3D.  
Marlin/Repetier/Smoothierware based firmware (this includes almost all desktop 3D printers).
Only support 1.75mm  diameter filament
Only working well that using bownden fiendly filament
Need more silcer using experiences than ordinary extrusion system
Expand the Capabilities of your 3D Printer!
-Print with 2 different colors to create spectacular colorful 3D printed objects.
Please choose !
SET 1 = $13(Free Shipping)
1.1x TL-Feeder (Multi-Filament Feeder)dual head upgrade kit 
SET 2= $ 22(Free Shipping)
1.1 × TL-Freeder
2.1 ×hotend kit(e3d)
SET 3= $ 41.9(Free Shipping)
1.1 × TL-Freeder
2.titan extruder
SET 4= $ 51.9(Free Shipping)
1.1 × TL-Freeder
2.titan extruder
3. 1 × hotend kit (e3d)
SET 5= $ 81.9(Free Shipping)
1.1 × TL-Freeder
2.titan extruder
3.  1 ×  hotend kit 
SET 6= $ 53.9(Free Shipping)
1.1 × TL-Freeder
2.titan extruder
3.  1 ×  Motor


SET 7= $ 63.9(Free Shipping)
1.1 × TL-Freeder
2.titan extruder
3. 1 × hotend kit (e3d)
4. 1 ×  Motor



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