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Custom DIY Fabric & Textile Wallcoverings For Walls No Smell Velvet cotton and linen For Bedding Room Wallpaper papel de parede

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US $36.56 -57%

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Item specifics

  • Style: For Kids
  • Charge Unit: Usd/Roll
  • Model Number: M23023
  • Type: Textile Wallpapers
  • Feature: Formaldehyde-free
  • Feature: Mildew Resistant
  • Feature: Self-Adhesive
  • Feature: Environment Friendly
  • Pattern: Yes
  • Function: Mould-Proof
  • Brand Name: qingchun
  • Textile Wallpaper Material: Flocking
  • Material: Fabric
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Use: Living Room
  • Surface Treatment: Printed
  • Usage: Household
  • Main material: Velvet cotton and linen
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Feature: Family photos can be printed onto it
  • Weight: 0.26kg/square meter after packaging
Product Description
The best percentage of this product is long and wide:4.7:3
The maximum size that we can print is:472cm(W)x295cm(H)≈14㎡
It's a kind of Custom Fabric & Textile Wallcoverings, We must produce according to your wall accurate size (Height and Width). You must know well all the details before  purchasing the products.  In order that you could get what you want.
How To Place a order:
Step 1:  Measure your wall dimension: Height * Width  = Square meter
Example: You wall size : Width = 3.8 meters ; Height = 2.3 meters.
              According to area size is: 3.8 M * 2.3 M = 8.74 Square meters.
Step 2:  Choose the right quantity in the order.  Square meter = Order Quantity
If you need 9 square meters, Please choose quantity 9 in the order. 
               If you need 8.1- 8.9 square meter, Please place the order of 9 square meter.
Step 3:  Mark the material and detail wall width and height below the order. 
Example: I need size Width = 3.8 meters, Height = 2.3 meters ; Velvet cotton and linen .
              If we haven't got the material and detail wall size within 24 hours, we will produce default material and the following default size. 
Step 4:  Our designers design the wallpaper you want.In general, it can be designed within one day.
Step 5:  After you confirm, we will immediately arrange the factory production, usually need 7 working days , hope you can wait patiently.

1.Please be careful to order 1 square meter, Because it's a very small size.

2.There isn't any glue or paste powder on the back of Fabric & Textile Wallcoverings, It isn't self-adhesive Fabric & Textile Wallcoverings.  you need to purchase glue on your local hardware store ( Nature rice glue or potato glue).Please prepare the glue or paste powder ahead of posting the Fabric & Textile Wallcoverings

3. We are not responsible for any import custom duty, but usually we could declare the lower value to help you pay less or even not be taxed. Russian friends, Please provide us your full name; Brazilian friend, please provide us your CPF number.  Thanks

If you need 3 square meters mural wallpaper, please choose " quantity 3 " . Meanwhile mark your detail wall width & height below the order.



Q & A:

First, the general problem:

1. Will it be faded? Is cleaning easy?
A: pro, is very good cleaning, can be used scrub scrub, does not affect the color, but there is a little bit of floating color, because we are clothing fabric technology, will not fade.
Our products are used in direct printing hot printing process, after 235 degrees Celsius high temperature processing, paint and fabric has been integrated, it will not fade.
2. what material?
A: We use an organic organic cotton cloth consisting of a variety of fibers. (No formaldehyde, anti-yellowing, no smell, foldable, scratch-resistant, washable, no harm to the human body.)
3. Do you like the wall cloth on the market?
A: pro, not the same! Our wall cloth is eco-friendly cloth, is the only international high-temperature hot-printed ecological cotton cloth.
4. Can any size on the chart be set? Is there a requirement for size?
A: pro, our fabric width is 2.95 meters maximum, the length can be infinitely long, so the pattern size is wide and high can not exceed 2.95 meters, if the width and height of more than 2.95 meters, then you need to stitching, splicing, then there will be natural The gap.


Second, the installation problem:

1. How does the wall handle?
A: pro, the wall must be flat, dry (sandpaper must be polished before construction), do not stick in the dry wall directly.
2. Why must the base film?
  A: The pro-base film must be evenly brushing again, the base film is to protect the original wall and the role of moisture, but also to ensure that after the wall for the convenience of (with water after the wet can be peeled off), if not coated , It will be difficult to peel off and damage the wall, and easily lead to mildew, the impact of secondary construction, thank you!
3. Do you need cleaning work after wall stickers?
A: pro, paste it with a wet towel can be wiped again. Thank you!
4 Are there special requirements for the wall?
A: The wall is suitable for whitewash walls, walls require smooth, dry through.
5. What wall does not affect construction?
A: Paint the wall or gypsum board wall, but dry the wall.
6. Is my house wall glass, tiles, marble, and can I install it?
A: The glass can be affixed, but the tiles, marble must be smooth, can be installed, thank you!
7. Will not be installed after the installation?
A: pro, please rest assured, as long as no one to destroy, it will not fall out.
8. Can the glass be sticky?
A: You can install, thank you!
9. wall brush over latex paint, you can paste it?
A: pro, you can stick, the wall must first sandpaper polished flat, and then the base film watered (ratio 1: 1.5) roller brush again, a day later, then paste the wall cloth can, thank you!