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Clothes, patches, cartoon, handmade cloth, decoration, Garfield, monkey, Mickey, snowman, cat, giraffe

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Item specifics

  • Product Type: Patches
  • Technics: Embroidered
  • Style: Stick-On
  • Size: other
  • Feature: HANDMADE
Product Description


Gummed ironing can sew

Recommend cloth paste partner -- transparent line hand sewing cloth must.


Cloth tape Introduction:

1., you can ironing or sewing on your favorite bag, making your own DIY creativity very fashionable, such as cushions, sheets, quilt covers and cloth crafts.

2., it can be used to patch clothes, damaged places or stains that cannot be washed away. If worn on baby's underwear, it can be covered up with holes.

3., it can be used to decorate clothes, shoes and other articles, and even double-sided glue to wall furniture, so as to exert your creativity.

4., the old clothes feel monotonous, you can choose a personalized cloth to decorate, a new dress is born, ha ha!

Usage method:

1. before heating, keep the back clean. Adjust the temperature to the temperature suitable for clothes according to the way of iron.

2., put the cloth paste in the right place (glue do not tear off), and scald it for a few seconds. It will usually burn for about 15 seconds.

3., in order to prevent scalding, you can put a thin layer of cotton cloth on the cloth. After finishing, check the edge to see if it is hot, and burn the edges more.

4., the thickness of the applique should be determined to decide the temperature. When thicker, the temperature must be higher and the blanching time will be longer. For extra thick cloth paste, it can be ironed on the back.

5. special attention: for a piece of cloth with a brighter piece or a bright surface (because all the sequins are plastic) must be covered with a layer of cloth and ironed at low temperature (below 150 degrees C), or directly with a steam iron. Or lay a layer of wet cloth on it. Lest the temperature is too high to cause the melting of the plastic sheet.

6. the best way is in the hot well, with a thread in the cloth on the edge of a few stitches, so more firmly, also very obedient.

7., there is no iron in the house, and it can also directly use the same color line to stitch the cloth to the clothes.