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The new USB high frequency pulse signal has 1~150 MHz three way frequency band sweep function.

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Item specifics

  • Model Number: 1~150 MHz
  • Type: Hand Tool Parts
  • Freight number: HM337
  • Decoration and construction content: Hydropower project
Product Description
1. Overview:
HM337 is a small signal generator with three channels output Q1:1 frequency division; Q2:2 frequency division; Q3:4 frequency division;
The module is simple to use, and the output frequency is immediately updated by setting parameters on the upper computer.
2. Product application:
Signal generator;
Instrument calibration;
3. Technical parameter table:
Serial number project parameter unit notes
1 pulse signal range 1~150 MHz pulse signal
2 pulse duty ratio range 50% duty ratio
The amplitude of 3 pulse signals is 0.1 to 1 VDC
4 working voltage 5 VDC
5 working current <50 mA
6 size 47*35*20 mm long X wide X height
4, interface description and related operations
P1 interface (USB interface)
P2 interface
Q1: pulse signal output ().
The Q3: pulse signal is 2 frequency division output ().
The Q2: pulse signal is 4 frequency division output ().
GND: power supply negative.
Using software: