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Car Headlight Bulbs(LED)

H4 H7 LED Car Headlight Bulbs H11 H1 9005 9006 HB2 Hi-Lo Beam 2PCS 12v 72W 1 Pair 8000lm 6000K Led Light COB Chips Auto Headlamp

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: CARLITS
  • Car Brand: universal
  • Color Temperature: 6000K
  • Wattage: 72W/Pair 8000Lm H4
  • Car Model: universal
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Application: Headlight ;Fog light
  • Working Voltage: DC 9-32V(Fit 12v 24v Vechiles) car fog lights
  • Plug type: H4 H7 H8 H9 H11 9005 9006 H1
  • Working temperature: -40-80 degree Celsius led fog lights
  • Item Type: Light Sourcing
  • LED Chip Manufacture: With excellent COB chip
Product Description
IF need 9006 ,pls contact us 
Features and Specifications:

Plug Type:

H4 :Bi high-low Beam(72W/set,36W/bulb)
H11/H8/H9:single Beam(60W/set,30W/bulb)
H7:single Beam(60W/set,30W/bulb)
H1:single Beam(60W/set,30W/bulb)
9005/9006:single Beam(60W/set,30W/bulb)
8000LM/Set (4000LM/Bulb) H4
6400LM/Set (3200LM/Bulb) 9005/9006/H1/H7/H11
Beam Angel: 360°
Lifespan: > 50,000 Hours
Waterproof Level: IP68
Material: Aluminum Alloy
Available Color: 6000K- Pure White  
Item Feature:
1. Meet OEM size specification-best replacement for OEM halogen bulb and aftermarket hid kit,
2. Easy to install-just plug and play.
3. All-in-One design-simple connection to Bulb and Driver
4. Fanless design- Comes with latest copper cooling belt design, no cooling fans needed .
5. Quick response, can light up in microseconds.
6. Low voltage protection, high precision constant current driver chip.
7. Very low and efficient energy consumption than halogen bulbs & HID Bulbs
8. Long life span, 10 times than HID and 100 times than halogen.
9. LED is semiconductor solid-state light source, anti-shock, waterproof, and high light efficiency.
Package Included:
2 pieces Auto bulbs+ 1 Box
Not Suitebale for 24V Vechincle (all Volvo  car.etc)
Product must be professional installation personnel for installation.
Before installation please disconnect the vehicle battery cathode.
After installation, please check the wiring and installation are abonrmal.Confirm parts taurness ans whether there are omissions.
After installation, please test the product function is normal. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us
H4 Bi high-low beam (2 side COB chips)
H7 single beam (2 side COB chips)
9005 single beam (2 side COB chips)
H1 single beam (2 side COB chips)
H8/H9/H11 single beam (2 side COB chips)  
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How to choose the Led-light-bulb for your car?
For this light, just choose the same plug type as your car's original light plug type. You can check the plug type and the size can fit for your car is ok. But this light with driver without canbus decoder, if your car need canbus decoder, you can go to our store extra buy canbus decoder. If you still can't choose, please feel free to contact with us, we will try our best to help you.


Why the description theroretical power higher than test result actual power?

 LED Watts vs. Power Consumption
Because an LED can be driven at its full capacity doesn't mean there is benefit in doing so. For example, a 3W LED can be driven at 3W, a 5W LED can be driven at 5W, etc. Driving an LED at maximum power generates higher temperature, which decreases lifespan. A balance between LED wattage and the lights; other components, such as the heatsink, allow for maximum operating efficiency and light output, while prolonging life expectancy.


Why one or two lights cannot work normally (flicker/blink) after installation?
Please help us do a test with an external 12V or 24V power supply. Leaving the lamp out of the car, and then put them in an external charger to see whether the lamp can work well or not.
If the lamps can work well out of the car, it means that your car needs the decoder. If out of the car, the lamps still can't work, please contact us, then we will help you solve the problem.


Why do I turn on the headlights and have a noise on the radio?

Because the decoder (resistance) and interference is not compatible with the frequency of the signal frequency signal and the inside of the car radio. But also because of the direction. The decoder (resistance) or shift direction can be installed, basically can solve the problem, solve the problem if the signal to the decoder (resistance) shielding can.


Why the light is not bright enough (Lumen/Wattage lower than description)?
First, please check if you install it correctly. The light shape is determined by your Auto Assembly.
Normally, the theoretical power is the total power of all lamp beads, but the actual working power is only two-thirds to three quarters of the lamp beads.  
Because full load will affect the life of Led. And all the Led products have the same problem.


What is canbus?
Canbus can solve the problems caused by low current draw when use LED bulb upgrade halogen bulb.
Perfect solution for detect the LED headlight failure/bulb rejection, hyper flashing, and no flashing or burnt out bulb indications etc.
Prevent OBC warning error code, canbus error on specific vehicles.
But not all the canbus can decode all the car. The canbus only can decode 90% car on the market. Hope you can understand that.


How to know if the car needs canbus?
There are two way to find out the answer.
1). You can call the auto shop where you buy this car from, and ask if your car has canbus system. If yes, then you need canbus.
2). When you receive the lamps, if it cannot work normally, please do a test with an external 12V or 24V power supply. Please leave the lamp out of the car, and then put them in an external charger to see whether the lamp can work well or not. If the lamps can work well out of the car, it means that your car need the canbus


Why the light bulbs cannot change into high beam or low beam while what you brought is double beams?
For hi/lo beams light, there is no difference between "+" and "-" in our light plugs.
You can rotate 180 degrees and mount it in your car, if it works well, then it is correct. If it still can not work, please contact us, we will help you solve the problem.