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15W Solar Panel Solar Cells Dual USB Solar Charger Batteries Phone Charging for Sony iPhone 4 5 6 6s 7 8 X Plus iPad

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  • Model Number: L-15W
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 Welcome Guide    

15 Watt Foldable Solar Charger

Congratulations on purchasing your ticket to energy freedom. Tap into the sun’s radiance and power your devices anywhere. This product is designed to the highest technical specifications and standards. It will supply years of maintenance-free energy.  Please read these instructions thoroughly prior to use, then store in a safe place for future reference.


Package Contents  

15 watt foldable solar charger

User’s Manual


Technical Specifications

Solar panel power

15 watt sunpower solar cell


5V/2.5A (dual USB max)

Unfold size

520*290*15 mm

Folding size

290*165*25 mm




How to charge your phone/ USB device:

1. Unfold the charger and place the panels under direct sunlight.

2. Connect your device to the solar charger with a USB cable.

3. Keep your device cool while charging. Place it under the solar panel, in the pocket of the solar panel, or in the shade to avoid overheating.


FAQ & Solutions

1. If my device needs an input current of 1A, will the 2A output of the solar charger damage it?

No. The solar panel has intelligent charging, detecting the needs of your device and delivering exactly what it needs. If your phone accepts 1A, the charger will deliver 1A .


2.What if the foldable USB port solar charger is not charging my devices?

A. Check the manual of your device to ensure the input voltage is 5V.

B. Cloudy weather and indirect sunlight may cause fluctuations in the current. This in turn may hinder or prevent charging. Place the solar charger in direct sunlight or wait for the weather to clear.

C. Wipe the panels clean with a damp cloth between usage to prevent scratching.

D. Avoid exposure to fire, water and chemical liquid.


3. If it is partially cloudy or shady will the solar charger still work?

Yes, although the charging efficiency will be low causing prolonged charging time.


4. Will this panel charge a power bank?

Yes. Be sure to put the power bank in the pocket of the charger to avoid direct sunlight or excessive heat.



1. Do not break, dismantle, or drop this product.

2. Dispose the charger according to local environment laws.

3. This charger is not waterproof. Avoid exposure to water, rain, and moist environments.


1 year from the date of purchase   

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