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Bonsai Tree japanese sakura bonsai ,bonsai flower Cherry Blossoms for home & garden 3pcs

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Item specifics

  • Product Type: Bonsai
  • Cultivating Difficulty Degree: Very Easy
  • Use: Indoor Plants
  • Flowerpot: Excluded
  • Classification: Novel Plant
  • Function: Beautifying
  • Type: Landscape Plant
  • Size: Mini
  • Size: Medium
  • Size: Small
  • Applicable Constellation: Sagittarius
  • Style: Perennial
  • Full-bloom Period: Spring
  • Location: Courtyard
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Model Number: YINGHUA002
  • Variety: Flower
Product Description


The cherry blossoms are trees, 4-16 meters high and the bark is gray. Branchlets pale purple-brown, glabrous, twig green, pubescent. Winter buds are ovoid, glabrous. Leaves elliptic ovate or obovate, 5-12 cm long, 2.5-7 cm wide, apex acuminate or abaxially apex, base sateate, sparsely sately sately sately sately sately sately septate The top is dark green, glabrous, pale green below, sparsely pubescent along veins, with lateral veins 7-10 pairs; petiole 1.3-1.5 cm long, densely pilose, 1-2 glands at apex or sometimes gland Stipules lanceolate, with glabrous gland teeth, pubescent, caducous. [3]
Inflorescences umbellate, total stalk very short, flowers 3-4, first leaves open, flowers 3-3.5 cm in diam.; total sepals brown, elliptic ovate, 6-7 mm long, 4-5 mm wide, Both sides are sparsely puberulent; sepals brown, stellate oblong, ca. 5 mm, 2-3 mm, glandular; pedicels 2-2.5 cm long, pubescent; tube tubular, long 7 -8 mm, ca. 3 mm, puberulent; sepals triangularly long ovate, ca. 5 mm, apex acuminate, abaxially lanceate; petals white or pink, elliptic ovate, apex concave, entire Two lobes; stamens ca. 32, shorter than petals; pubescent at base of style.
The drupe is nearly spherical, 0.7-1 cm in diameter, black, and has a slightly ribbed surface. Flowering in April, fruiting in May. 2n=16.

The cherry blossoms are temperate and subtropical trees. They are sunny and warm and humid. They have a certain ability to resist cold. The requirements for the soil are not strict, and it is suitable to grow in loose, fertile and well-drained sandy loam, but not salt-alkaline soil. The root system is shallow, and the water should not be low. It has a certain cold and drought tolerance, but it is weak against smoke and wind, so it is not suitable to plant a typhoon coastal zone.