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24V/36V/48V/60V/72V Finger Thumb Throttle with Battery power LCD display Switch Handlebar Grips for electric bike/scooter/ebike

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: MEIANDIAN
  • Type: Throttle
  • Voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V
  • Material: Plastic
  • Feature: 22mm diameter Handlebar
  • Line length: 200CM
  • USE: electric bicycle,scooter,ebike
Product Description
12V/24V/36V/48V/60V/72V Finger Thumb Throttle Electric Scooter with Power Switch LED display Switch Handlebar Grips For Electric Bike Bicycle Accessories 
Package Contents:
1x Thumb Throttle with Power Switch LCD voltage display
Technical Specifications:
Color: Black
Material: Plastic
Length: 200CM
Work Voltage: DC 0.8V-42.V
Fit for 22mm diameter Handlebar
Thumb throttle with red  color LCD display and key lock switch.
Features and Benefits:
1:Suitable for all of Lithium battery, LiFePo4 battery and Lead acid battery.
2:Battery 12V-84V automatically Identify, Throttle DC 0.8-4.2V
3:Digital voltage display, intuitive and accurate judgment of remaining capacity, mileage.
4:Can indicate vehicle error according to voltage
Green is for throttle hall signal, red wire is for throttle +5v, black is negative wire; please connect according to controller function wire, You can not just match same color wire, if wrong connected that will damage your controller and throttle.
4 wires : yellow is for voltage display wire, connect with electric bike power positive.
5 wires: blue wire connect with controller power lock output wire, yellow wire connected with controller electric switch input wire power positive,
6 wires yellow connected with power positive, blue wire and white is is function wire(can work as reverse switch, horn switch, cruise switch, power lock and so on)
7 wires: yellow connected with power positive, blue is share wire, middle gear for 3 gears , white is high gear, brown is low gear.
The above is common wiring way, if need made to order please connect with salesperson.
Battery common sense:
For this display Battery is measured by voltage. this throttle can work for any electric bike under 84v with lead acid battery, lithium battery, water battery, dry batter and so on. The throttle with automatically identify voltage. Due to the difference of battery material, battery conditions ( new or old, ),controller data , the battery voltage reaction will be different, so the data bellow will have deviation. Customers please check according to your battery to get your battery data.
For 12v electric bike, max voltage is about 12.6v, mini is about 9v or higher,
For 24 electric bike, max voltage is about 29.4v, mini is about 21v or higher,
For 36v electric bike, max voltage is about 42v, mini is about 29v or higher,
For 48v electric bike, max voltage is about 54.6v, /58.8v, mini is about 40v or higher,
For 60v electric bike, max voltage is about 72v, mini is about 49v or higher,
For 72v electric bike, max voltage is about 84v, mini is about 60v or higher,
For other electric bike with higher voltage there should be a voltmeter installed.
How to maintain the lithium battery:
Since lithium battery has different materials (The ternary lithium battery, lithium manganate battery, lithium iron phosphate battery) so we cannot give exact number to measure the balance battery level. Customers please measure the remaining battery level according to your battery indication and max voltage number. Usually please charge when there is 30% left, and please finish charging when reach to 80% of battery. This is best for battery. Any lithium battery has no memory, you can charge anytime, use anytime, that will not influence the life of battery. Please donot overcharge or overdischarge. Please totally charge and discharge for every two month, that will maintain the battery at max.
1. Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.Pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
2. The color may have different as the difference display,pls understand.
3. Please connect according to controller function wire, you can't just match same color wire
When installing the throttle, please pay more attention to the line order,do not connected to the wrong line, it will very easy to cause the hall and LED tube burn.