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Car Electronic Throttle Controller

Sprintbooster throttle response enhancer for PEUGEOT 206+ 207 308 407 3008 5008 CITROEN C3 C4 C5

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Item specifics

  • Model Number: 8D-831
  • Material: Metal panel with plastic host box
  • Color: Black panel with green LED
  • Total mode numbers: 8 modes
  • Mode name: F1, F2,F3, EC, NOR, SSS, AAA
  • Acceleration Improvement performance:: up to 60%
  • Screen: LED digital display with buttons adjustable
  • Size: 51mmX31mmX6mm (Panel size)
  • Main function: Boosting pedal response
  • Fitted car models: For PEUGEOT 206+ 207 308 407 3008 5008 CITROEN C3 C4 C5
Product Description

Note: Please Leave a message of your Car Model & Producing Year while placing order, Thanks! For example: for TOYOTA 4runner 2018. 

Title: Sprintbooster throttle response enhancer for PEUGEOT 206+ 207 308 407 3008 5008 CITROEN C3 C4 C5

We may require you take a photo of your throttle port as below picture for some uncommon car models to confirm.

Pedal port photo pls take

1 Features of 8-Drive throttle controller

Enjoy exciting driving and interesting car tuning with small moeny!

car power upgrade F29 800X800car windbooster 8Drive details


1.1 Basic features of 8-Drive throttle controller

1). Basic Function: increase car throttle sensitivity, quicken car throttle response speed, eliminate the delay of throttle response, improve the acceleration performance up to 60%

2). 8 modes,10 micro-section adjustable for each mode

3). Mini type, only 6 mm thick of  metal screen controller

4) 1 year warranty

5). Harmless installation, because our throttle controller don't change the oil path nor electronic circuit.  

6). Original pedal port from German, 100% Trouble-free code

7). Easy installation, plug and play, DIY 3 minutes finish installation.


1.2 Performance of throttle booster

1). Take only around half of the time to response for same pedal at low RPM

2). Acceleration delay is zero in third or fourth gear.

3). Both of automatic and manual transmission are compatible

2.【Delivery itmes for one set of throttle controller 】


  1. Host  (Software box)   1 pcs


  2. Display regulator         1 pcs


  3. Cable and connector   1 set


  4. Ties                             1 set

  5. Manul book and warranty card   1 PCS


whole set connection of sprintbooster 8Dthrottle controller whole set package 8D

Solid carton package

3. Modes explain of 8-Drive throttle controller


Mode adjustment operation 8D

8 modes include:

  •                     F3      Racing mode  
  •                     F2     Sports mode 
  •                     F1     Comfortable  mode 
  •                     ONR  Original mode
  •                     EC    Fuel saving mode
  •                     AAA  Automatic mode
  •                     SSS  Manual mode.  

1-9 micro-section adjustable for each mode.

each mode meaning 8DF39 throttle booster 8DF29 wind booster 8DF19 sprint booster 8DSSS car electronic throttle controller 8DAAA car throttle controller 8DEC car throttle controller 8D


From F10 to F39 modes, the acceleration increasing is more and more intensified. The first digit 1 to 4 concerns the mode changing,  the second digit 0-9 is micro-adjustment under each mode.

Under EC mode, it realizes the fuel saving by 3-5%,  the digit 0-9 is micro-adjustment under this mode.

Under ONR mode,  the car goes back to the factory settings, it equals to non-use of throttle controller.

4. Should install Throttle Controller for my car?

The Defect of Electronic Throttle Control
Modern cars are constantly evolving, mostly due to advancements in electronics. Since the 21st century, the majority of cars have used Electronic throttle control (ETC), which electronically "connects" the accelerator pedal to the throttle, replacing a mechanical linkage (namely drive-by-wire system).
The benefits of electronic throttle control are largely unnoticed by most drivers, because the aim is to make the vehicle power-train characteristics seamlessly consistent in spite of prevailing conditions, such as engine temperature, altitude, and accessory loads. Electronic throttle control is also working 'behind the scenes' to dramatically improve the ease with which the driver can execute gear changes and deal with the dramatic torque changes associated with rapid accelerations and decelerations. 
Electronic throttle control facilitates the integration of features such as cruise control, traction control, stability control, and precrash systems and others that require torque management.
The position of the throttle valve (i.e., the amount of air in the engine) is fully controlled by the ETC software via the electric motor, according to the instructions by identifying the depth of the accelerator pedal.  The ECU (Electronic Control Unit )  tells the throttle to open or close a certain amount to reach the desired amount of engine power by sending a new signal.
Unfortunately, the signal delay of the throttle valve will impede the normal acceleration of vehicles, under some circumstances, such as going uphill, there will be strong setback, even cause the vehicle’s sudden leap.
The Function of the ETC Throttle Controller
As car enthusiasts, we all appreciate the need for speed and thrill of pushing our cars to newer limits, to solve the problem, a new system has been developed to override the factory electronic throttle control settings and eliminate noticeable time delays, that is ETC throttle controller which is also called sprint booster power converter or throttle booster, it improves the throttle sensitivity and makes the instant response of accelerator pedal , make driving a car easier and safer!

5. Intallation Guidance of throttle controller


pedalbox installation 1windbooster installation 2


 1). Fine the pedal port of your car electronic throttle;                                 2). Unplug the pedal port;

throttle controller installation 3pedal commander installation 4

  3). Plug the throttle controller into car pedal port;          4). Stick the throttle controller screen beside the dashboard,  finish.



Sprintbooster installation noted

6. Working principle of car electronic throttle controller



8 modes windbooster performance curve
(1)Accelerate the throttle open, increase the static response
“Accelerate” is realized by improve the throttle response sensitivity, when car driving computer discovers that the driver is trying to accelerate, then auto throttle will open quickly by the circuit signal. The response sensitivity of throttle will be improved by this way.
(2)Amplify throttle signal to speed up, rise the dynamic response
When driver pressed the throttle pedal, accelerator calculates the throttle signal changing rate according to the pressing amplitude and time, more bigger changing means more intense demanding of accelerating, so the changing rate would be even bigger, finally realize the maximization of car accelerating dynamic response.
(3)Provide the driving style for ECU adjust the engine parameters
Modern engine ECU commonly has self fitting capability for driving styles, if driver often quickly and deeply press throttle (Commonly known as la speed), ECU would identify the style of driver as “intense”, then engine would slowly adjust throttle, fuel system etc. to get the best adjusting parameters of engine under this style. After long terms of using accelerator, even if drive as per previous ‘gentle’ style, engine still be able to get the driving experience of ‘intense’, it is equivalent to have adjusted ECU parameters, the engine will automatically modify all kinds of parameters to fit the style as time passes.

7. Services

We offer 24/7 service, any question about product, shippment or payment etc., please leave a message online, we will reply in 24 hours. Or contact info(at)boostune.com.