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Motor Controller

PLC industrial control board programmable controller FX1N-10MT delay module

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Item specifics

  • Motor Type: Other
  • Model Number: FX1N-10MT
Product Description

This board is PLC board, directly use GX programming software to make trapezoid diagram, directly write PLC, can be monitored online, the price is even cheaper than the single chip computer board.


Advantages of using PLC board:

1. Easy to program, customers can learn to program in a day

2. Reusable

3. High stability

4. Easy to expand


1. Integrated and systematic anti-interference processing. The power supply circuit has been designed with multiple anti-interference, and it is not afraid of all kinds of harsh electromagnetic interference working environment.

2. Adopt powerful 32-bit high-speed ARM CPU; You can program with FXGPWIN or GX Developer

You can download \ debugging \ monitoring

(no software conversion required, same download method as normal PLC)

Application scope: it can be flexibly used in various industrial automatic control occasions, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, plastics, textile, food, packaging, printing, building materials, carpentry, central air conditioning, environmental protection equipment and single process control device in industrial control equipment, industrial assembly line, various machine tools.

6. The power supply of this industrial control board is 10vdc-24vdc uniformly, and the type is FX1N. Input: X0-X5 total 6 points, output: Y0-Y3 total 4 points.

Maximum memory capacity: 2000-step program (the board has been sprayed with three-proof paint to better adapt to the complex application environment)


Module functions:

This module is programmable control, which can realize thousands of functions, stable and reliable working performance. .


Show common features as follows:

1. Switch on the power supply and disconnect the relay after 1 close for N seconds; And then the relay 2 closes N seconds later.

2. Switch on the power supply and disconnect the relay after 1 close for N seconds; Then the relay 2 closes for N seconds and then disconnects.

3. Power on, relay 1 and 2 do not operate. When the signal or button is triggered, relay 1 closes for N seconds and then disconnects. The relay 2 closes N seconds later and disconnects until the next trigger and the same action is repeated.

4. Arbitrary control of relays 1 and 2 can be realized by programming the signal 1 and 2.

5. When signal 1 is available, relay 1 is closed and relay 2 is disconnected. When signal 2 has a signal, relay 1 is disconnected and relay 2 is closed.

6. Connected to sensor signals such as PNP/NPN, programmed the sensor signals to realize arbitrary control of the relay.

7. Control relay 1 when signal 1 is triggered; Control relay 2 when signal 2 is triggered.

8. Turn on the power supply and control the motor forward for N seconds, and then reverse for N seconds.

9. Control motor forward rotation when signal 1 is available; Signal 2 when there is a signal, control motor reversal.


These are just a few examples. Modules can do much more than that






Auxiliary relay

General use


Power outage


Special use



Keep in use








1MS cumulative type


  Power outage

100MS cumulative type


  Power outage



16-bit increment


16-bit increment (power-off retention)


High speed counter (power off retention)




Data register

16-bit universal


16-bit power-off retention


16-bit special use (AD)

 D5030(Input voltage range:0-10V)

16-bit special use (DA)

 D5101(output voltage range:0-3.3V)

1. Input high-speed pulse C2 3 5, C 2 5 1 function is compatible with FX1N.
2.Y0 Y1 can send up to 10K pulse, and the function is compatible with FX1N.
3. The output point is the open collector output, the rated current is 5A, which can directly drive the DC solenoid valve without external relay.
Precautions for use:
1. When the computer is programmed with GX Developer programming software, it must be connected to the board programming port using a USB-TTL level conversion board.
2. This PLC has one analog input AD built in, corresponding to the internal data register D5030 (not D8030).
3. This PLC has one analog output DA built in, corresponding to the internal data register D5101
4. When the PLC is connected to the touch screen or text, the external 232-TTL module can be connected.
This board can be connected to the display panel of our store's display and input parameters through the programming port. The simple text is equivalent to the touch screen. It can be displayed and input parameters without programming. If you need to display and input parameters, please click the link.