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7 Styles Aquarium Plants Aquatic Water Grass 20g Seeds Cow-hair LOVE Lucky Seeds Fish Tank Plants Decoration Landscape Ornament

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Item specifics

  • Material: Nature Seed
  • Aquatic Decorations Type: Plants
  • Weight: 10g
  • Model Number: 201903192239
  • Type: Fish
  • aquarium decoration: Aquarium Plants
  • Aquarium Plants: Fish Tank Plants
Product Description

 Aquarium Plants Aquatic Water Grass Seeds Cow-hair LOVE Lucky Seeds Fish Tank Decoration Landscape Ornament  .Packing: 5g/10g/15g/20g 1 opp bag

Planting Method:

* No water planting (Recommend method)

* 1. Put such matrix as aquatic-plant mud or carbon ceramic ball, etc, into your fish tank.

* 2. Casting seed on the surface of matrix.

* 3. Pay attention to not let the seed fall below the matrix and try to keep the deed surface wet. 2-7 days is enough to sprout.

* 4. Water flooding when seeds sprout. Pay attention to not scour the matrix.

* 5. Temperature should not be too low, 20-30 degrees is favored.

* 6. Normally 5-8 days sprout, 15 days landscape finished.

* Planting in water tank.

* 1. The fish tank into the water mud, ceramic fairy soil, sand, Keep bottom sand damp, water and sand into a saturated state (the surface of sand to see the water).

* 2. Spread the seeds evenly on the water mud, (each bag can cover 30 x 30cm area ), no longer need to cover with soil.

* 3. Only need to evenly sprinkle water every day to keep the seeds moist, the seeds themselves will be attached to the gum Sand or water on the mud. Continuous spraying for 3 days (temperature can reach 25-27 wait for germination).

* 4. Slowly fill the water, open the filter (pay attention to cover the outlet, do not let the impact of water sand at the end of the seed); open the heating bar, the temperature set 30 degrees (to ensure that the water temperature of 24 degrees, try to control about 26-28 degrees) .

* 5. Generally situation 5-7 days to observe the seeds germination, 9 days most of the leaves forming, 15 days reach basic scene (after plant grow completely, keep the temperature 20-25 degree will okay ).

* Tips:

* The temperature is critical, a direct impact on germination time (25-28 degrees)! If the temperature is low, it can be planted with heating rod in the water tank.

* Generally the seeds do not need to cover up a layer of soil or sand again, but temperature and different planting will need.

*Density must be controlled within a reasonable range (recommended around 10 seeds per square centimeter, the gap is large at the beginning, but after a period of growth, the leaves will also be covered after the leaves are opened.) At least in plants and plants There is a certain gap between them, and there is a flow of water that can pass through dense plants.

*Cow Grass Seed cultivation method is more strict.Recommend No water planting method.The planting time in winter will be much longer than that in summer. please wait with patience.

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