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Savonnerie Oriental Hand-woven Wool Rug Plush Wool French Savonnerie Hand Made Rug Carpet New Listing Art Carpet

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US $12,960.00 - 14,820.00

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: emilrugs.com
  • Style: Europe
  • Technics: Hand Knotted
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Use: Home
  • Use: hotel
  • Use: Bedroom
  • Use: Prayer
  • Use: Outdoor
  • Use: Decorative
  • Use: Bathroom
  • Use: Toilet
  • Use: Commercial
  • Use: Other
  • Design: Kilim
  • Wash Style: Hand Wash
  • Model Number: 12x18gc3savyg30
  • Decoration Style: sav
  • Pattern Type: Striped
  • Place: Living Room
  • Material: 100% Wool
Product Description

European carpet hand wool porch living room sofa table bedside carpet thickening carpet living room










Specifications:Size can be any size, please contact Wangwang
Advantages: Anti-skid/Moisture-proof/mould proof/sound insulation/durable

Features: Beautiful design, novel, complex and exquisite workmanship, highlighting the host's personality warm independent space.

Scope of application: living room, bedroom and study.Sofa cushions, etc.

Maintenance method: brush can be used for daily maintenance. Rubber cloth can clean the hair on the surface of carpet and weave it every other time.2-3The Angel cleans it once with a vacuum cleaner. Proper cleaning can prolong the life of carpets.

Washing method: Make sure to use special carpet detergent or neutral detergent after dilution with water. Dry cleaning is recommended. Pay attention to the shade, air-dry, do not expose to the sun. (It is suggested that carpet cleaning company be better.)

Because carpets are packed in rolls and packages, when you just receive the carpet open, you will feel a little warped. You can gradually restore the smooth carpet by pressing the carpet flat.

Friendship tips:Pure wool carpet in early use3-4Within a month, there will be floating hair, as the use of time will gradually disappear, the carpet will be more bright and soft, if you can not accept the phenomenon of floating hair friends, please be careful to pat.



Error Detailed: Different batch production, dyeing factory yarn will also have slight color error (also unavoidable), and computer display, camera shooting will cause visual errors, our shop has done everything possible to change different angles, different camera mode to shoot carpets, in order to limit the reduction of color difference, so please those who can not accept color difference and production caused. Customers with errors must choose carefully

Different specifications.Batch number.Patterns may be slightly different, size carpet according to your actual size pattern will increase or decrease in proportion, pattern size will be scaled according to the actual size, because the carpet has flexibility, size error is positive or negative.2%Around the same, please take the carpet as the standard. If you have any questions about it, please consult the customer service personnel. Thank you for the new carpet. It will be delivered to you immediately after it is finished. The glue taste can not volatilize in time. If you are sensitive to the taste, you can open windows and ventilate in time after receiving the goods. It is not harmful to human body to make the environmental glue. You can use it carefully or take careful pictures of sensitive customers.
Return the problem:
We guarantee the quality of all goods purchased from our mall, and we will check carefully before delivery to ensure that the goods are delivered. In order to prevent damage and cause unnecessary disputes in transit, please check carefully whether the package of the goods is in good condition and whether the goods are damaged before signing and receiving. Damage problems after signing and receiving will no longer be accepted by our store. Please forgive me if there is a quality problem in the goods you receive.48Contact us within hours to exchange goods. Please keep the goods unstained and used. Packing and hanging tags should not be damaged. Otherwise, we have the right to refuse to return the goods.

1. Our Taobao Mall7There is no reason to return the exchange service every day. Receiving goods7Within days, it can not be refunded until it is confirmed as a quality problem, and the postage seller will bear it.7Only a few days later did it say that there was a problem and it could not be compensated. Please forgive the buyer. Within seven days after purchase, the carpet has not been washed and can be returned and replaced in good condition without affecting the second sale. Dyeing, decolorization, deformation and back removal caused by improper washing or use by the buyer are not returned.
There are obvious damages and stains when opening the package, which can be returned and replaced. After the goods are returned, we will send you the goods you exchanged as soon as possible, or refund the money to you as required.
Due to the influence of the time of shooting, or the different display of color on computer monitors, there may be color difference between physical objects and pictures, which is not a quality problem. The buyer is responsible for the return and exchange of goods caused by this problem.
We do not accept the incompatibility between carpet and indoor environment, refund or exchange goods for reasons of dislike, inappropriateness and bad style. All postage charges are borne by the buyer for refund and exchange of goods caused by non-quality problems.
Buyers click on the purchase to accept the above terms and refuse to pay or give comments, bad reviews, complaints, threats and so on. Our shop will submit to Taobao according to law.
In the case of non commodity quality problems, the buyer will take all the postage charges if the buyer returns. If the buyer needs to pay the merchant's postage due to the returned product, the company only uses the Alipay instant arrival function. Postage charges arising from the refund and exchange of goods due to defective commodities are entirely the responsibility of the Company (only the postage charges listed by the Company, the excess part of which is borne by the buyer, refusing to accept any arrivals)
4Size is not within the scope of return