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Electric Bicycle Battery

CBSEBIKE Ebike Battery 48V 20Ah 52V 20Ah Triangle Electric Bicycle Battery for 1000W 750W Motor Bafang BBS03 BBSHD BBS02

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Item specifics

  • Type: Lithium Battery
  • Capacity: 10 - 20Ah
  • Brand Name: CBSEBIKE
  • Voltage: 36v/48v
Product Description

Electric Bike Battery Specifications:
Nominal Voltage: 36V/48v/52v
Nominal Capacity: 15ah 17.5ah 20ah

Composed Type: 
36v15ah     10S6P
36v17.5ah    10S7P
36v20ah      10S8P
48V12.5ah     13S5P
48V15ah     13S6P
48V17.5ah    13S7P 
48V20ah    13S8P 
52V20ah     13S8P 

Cells: Powerful 18650 3.7V 2500mAh Cells
Fit Motor Power :   350W 500W 750W 1000W
Charge Current: 2-5A
Charge Cut-off Voltage: 42V
Discharge Cut-off Voltage: 30V
Discharge Temperature: -20 to 65Celsius
Charge Temperature: 0 to 45Celsius
Battery Weight: 6kg
Cycle life: ≥80% capacity after 800 cycles.

Battery Packing List
1. Electric bike battery with high quality built-in BMS.
2. Ebike battery with AC and DC plug,AC plug will be matched as delivery country if without request.
3. Electric bicycle battery discharge cable and connectors, if without request will left 250mm naked cable. 

Carefully read  the following notes ,  to ensure the correct use of  lithium ion battery .  To prevent battery leakage ,  explosion ,  fire  and so on ,  please  note the following:  -  do not put the battery into  water or get it wet ;
- not in the heat source (such as fire or heater) near the use or storage battery;
Please use the original charger;
- do not reverse the positive and the negative electrode;
- do not connect the battery directly to a wall outlet or car cigarette socket;
- do not put the battery into fire or battery heating;
To prohibit the use of wires or other metal objects will prohibit the battery short circuit, battery with necklace, hairpin or other metal objects transport or storage;
- it is prohibited to hit, throw or make a battery by mechanical vibration;
Forbidden with a nail or other sharp objects pierced the battery shell, ban hammer or pedal battery;
Ban - direct welding battery terminal;
The battery should be prohibited in any way;
Forbidden to charge the battery in fire or extreme conditions.
- do not place the battery in a microwave oven or pressure vessel;
- with a battery (such as batteries) or different capacity, type, variety combination battery;
- do not use the battery if the odor, fever, deformation, discoloration or any other anomalies; if the battery is in use or charge, shall be immediately removed from the electrical appliances or the charger and stop using;
- the battery should be placed in the reach of children, if a child accidentally swallowingbattery should immediately seek medical treatment;

If the battery leaks or smell, should immediately be removed from close to open;
- the electrolyte leakage may cause fire or explosion;
If the battery electrolyte after leakage into the eyes, do not rub, rinse with water, immediately seek medical assistance. If not in time, eyes will be hurt. Note!
Do not use the battery in the thermal environment, such as direct sunlight or heat of the car.Otherwise, the battery will overheat, may fire (LIT), which will affect the performance of the battery, shorten the service life of the battery.
Battery can only be used under the following conditions, otherwise it will reduce batteryperformance or shorten battery life. In the temperature range used batteries may cause overheating, fire or explosion.

When children use the battery, according to the content of the user manual to teach, and pay close attention to them to ensure the correct use of the battery.
If the battery leakage, electrolyte to skin or clothes, wash immediately with water flow of the affected area, otherwise may cause skin irritation.
Read battery device specifications, correct installation and removal of the battery.
If you do not have equipment for a long time, remove the battery and placed in a cool, dry place, otherwise, the battery may rust or poor performance.
If the battery terminals become dirty, wipe with dry cloth before use. Otherwise, the battery will be poor contact, causing the energy loss or unable to charge.

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