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LUSYA Sipeed MAIX Dock K210 AI+lOT Deep Learning Vision Scan and Voice T0063

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Item specifics

  • Demo Board Type: Intel X86
  • Model Number: MAIX Dock K210 AI+lOT
  • Memory Capacity: 512mb
  • Intergrated Feature: WiFi 802.11b/g/n
  • Interface: 2 x USB2.0
  • Brand Name: Qingbee
Product Description



Sipeed MAIX Dock K210 AI+lOT Deep Learning Vision Scan and Voice


 Introduction to MAIX Dock:

The MAIX Dock series uses the Kanetech technologyAIchipK210As a core unit, with independenceFPUDual core processing,64BitCPUBit width,8MOn-chipSRAM,400MAdjustable nominal frequency, support for double precision of multiplication, division and square root operationsFPU. High-performance core processing features are exposed.

 inAIProcessing aspectK210Convolution, batch normalization, activation, pooling, etc. can be performed. At the same time, the pre-processing of voice direction scanning and voice data output can also be performed.

 MAIX Dock has the following capabilities

  • Digital video interface (DVP)
  • Universal asynchronous transceiver(UART)
  • Direct memory access controller(DMAC)
  • Integrated circuit built-in bus(I2C)
  • Serial peripheral interface(SPI)
  • Integrated circuit built-in audio bus(I2S)
  • Joint Test Working Group(JTAG)
  • Field programmableIO Array (FPIOA/IOMUX)


Surprisingly, the MAIX Dock also has

  • Neural network processor (KPU)
  • Audio processor (APU)
  • Fast Fourier transform accelerator (FFT Accelerater)
  • Advanced crypto accelerator (AES Accelerater)
  • Secure hash algorithm accelerator (SHA256 Accelerater)
  • Fast Fourier transform accelerator (FFT Accelerater)


  • Machine vision
  • Machine hearing ability
  • Better low power vision processing speed and accuracy
  • Convolutional artificial neural network hardware accelerator KPUHigh-performance convolution artificial neural network operation
  • Support firmware encryption, it is difficult to crack using common methods
  • Uniquely programmable IO Arrays for more flexible product design
  • 3.3V/1.8V Dual voltage support, no level shifting, cost savings

  Onboard peripherals:

  • 72pinFull pin lead-out, freely mapable
  • FPC24PSeat, can be connectedDVPcamera
  • FPC24PSeat, can be connected8bit MCU LCD
  • Onboard power amplificationICCan be used with a speaker
  • OnboardTpye Cinterface
  • OnboardTFCard slot
  • Onboard microphone
  • OnboardWifi
  • Onboard high speedDAC
  • Can be used with microphone array expansion board for speech recognition, beamforming, sound field imaging