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Masturbation Cup

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Item specifics

  • Brand Name: leten
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Item Type: Masturbation Cup
  • Material: TPE
  • Size: 275*72*72mm
  • Model Number: 3102077
  • Material: ABS+TPE
Product Description


  • Physical water bath, safe and does not hurt the body
  • Three water bath modes can be choose 
  • Insist on use, the effect is remarkable
  • Materia: ABS+TPE


Enjoy penis enlargement training at home or away with this innovative  automatic penis pump. Designed to gently suck blood into your penis for an instant boost in size, this pump gives you a larger, stronger erection with regular use.

To increase suction further, add a thin layer of water-based lubricant to the rim of the pump before use.




1.The first time the product must be fully charged before turned on

2.When the liquid is placed in the product and the cup is facing up, it is strictly prohibited to start the operation.

3. Need to adjust the product angle so that the control base is facing up before long press the swich to turn on the paroduct,

the cup mouth is in contact with the body part down

4. It is strictly forbidden to wash the water at the bottom of the operation when cleaning. Only use water to wipe the outer casing.



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Water bath cup common problems and solutions
No suction
Pengbo water bath is strictly prohibited when water is poured, and the cup is turned on when it is turned on! Most of the suction is due to the clogging of the vent due to the water-repellent membrane due to structural tension. At this time, the cup should be facing down, and the head of the cup should be beaten hard, and the gathered water bead will be scattered to make the vent hole work normally.
2. Swelling
This situation is caused by the user being insensitive to pressure, and the water bath is always in the exhaust working state. At this time, the user should be advised not to add water first, and it is better to use it in the empty cup state, so that the user can adapt to the feeling under the negative pressure state first. And in the waterless state or after adding water, you should press the pause button (short press the power button) after finding a suitable pressure, and maintain a fixed pressure to adapt to the exercise. This is the water bath (vacuum booster) ) The real use method to achieve the effect of exercise.
3. Can't plug in and pull out
Before use, apply lubricating fluid to the entrance of the waterproof ring and the penis; after use, press the deflation button for a long time, and pull out when the pressure inside and outside the cup is the same.