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3D Printer Kit GT2560 Controller Board + LCD 2004 Display + 5 Pcs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver SP99

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  • Brand Name: Etmakit
  • Item Type: Motherboard
  • Model Number: N/A
Product Description
3D Printer Kit GT2560 Controller Board + LCD 2004 Display + 5 Pcs A4988 Stepper Motor Driver SP99

Integration saves more space and is easier to install in most applications.
5 step motors, hot-swappable driver module, powerful ATmega2560 processor, 256k memory.
16MHz operating frequency, high-performance USB serial converter FT232RQ, these make the GT2560 possible.
This is the ideal choice for 3D printer control boards. What's more, the GT2560 can run between 12V and 24V to provide higher torque.
And higher rotation rates.

1. Further compacted volume and space-saving.
2. Integrated peripherals ensure more stable connection.
3. Added heat sink provide better heat dissipation for MOSFET
4. Separate control for fan and extruder
5. Support LCD2004 and LCD12864 without using adapters

Interface Specifications
1. DC IN:12V-24V 15A and 12-24V 10A
2. HOT_BED:heat bed
3. HEATER1: power supply for extruder 1
4. HEATER2: power supply for extruder 2
6. SD Card
7. X_MIN/X_MAX/Y_MIN /Y_MAX /Z_MIN /Z_MAX: 6 end stop input, XH2.54-2Pin
8. TEMP1: temperature sensor for extruder 1, XH2.54-2Pin
9. TEMP2: temperature sensor for extruder 2, XH2.54-2Pin
10. TEMP3: temperature sensor for heatbed , XH2.54-2Pin
11. X,Y,Z:Stepper motors for X, Y, Z axes, XH2.54-4Pin
12. EXT1, EXT2(A):Stepper motors for extruder 1 and extruder 2, XH2.54-4Pin
13. FAN1,FAN2,FAN3:3 12V cooling fans, PH2.0-3Pin
14. 1 PWM: PWM output for cooling fan, FAN:PH2.0-3Pin

1 x GT2560 Controller Board
1 x LCD 2004 Display Controller for 3D printer
5 x A4988 Stepper Motor Drive
5 x Heatsinks
2 x Sticker
2 x Control Screen Wires
1 x USB Date Line