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Motor soft start module controller motor soft starter soft stop heat sink three-phase motor slow start 1kw 2kw 4kw 6kw 8kw 10kw

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Item specifics

  • Voltage: 380V
  • Model Number: TSR-80WA-R
  • Place of origin: China Soft Start Module
Product Description

Tips: This link product is shipped by default R1, (if you need R2.R3, please leave a message before placing an order.)

The soft start module now has three programs: 1.TSR-40WA-R1 has soft start and no soft stop 2. TSR-40WA-R2 has soft start and soft stop (how many V starts from how many V starts) 3. TSR-40WA-R3 has soft start and soft stop (soft stop to 0)

Uses: water pump, fan, aerial vehicle, ordinary motor soft start, replace the soft start of the inverter, Instead of the soft start of the star triangle, the wiring is super simple, no need to connect the bypass contactor, powerful.

The three-phase motor soft start module can work for a long time without switching the contactor. Selection: 10A for 1KW, 20A for 2KW, 30A for 3KW, 40A for 4KW, 60A for 5-6KW, 80A for 7-8KW, 9-10KW for 100A, 11-12KW for 120A, 13-15KW for 150A, and 20KW for 200A. The higher the motor power, the heat sink must be followed by the big one. This product has been sold out over a thousand pieces, and only some places are not suitable for the motor. For details on how to supply the heat sink, please consult the store! This product can be supplied in large quantities

Applicable place

It can be widely used in fans, pumps, belt conveyors, ball mills, conveyors and compressors. It is an ideal replacement for traditional star/delta conversion, auto-coupled buck, magnetically controlled buck, inverter and other step-down starting devices. The product is safe and reliable. Petroleum, chemical, fire, construction, metallurgy, building materials, mining, environmental protection, etc.


1. No voltage can be applied to the switch. 2. Please use the heat sink for this module. 3. When the starting potentiometer is halfway up, it starts at 200V. 4. The time for the soft potentiometer is up to 30 seconds for the whole process of 380V. E.g: When fully adjusted to the minimum: starting voltage 150V to 0 seconds When it is fully adjusted to half: start 200V, soft start time is about 7 seconds When fully adjusted to the maximum: starting voltage 250V to 380V takes 10 seconds

Motor soft start module controller motor soft starter soft stop heat sink three-phase motor slow start 1kw 2kw 4kw 6kw 8kw  10kw