DC 48V-64V 600W Brushless DC Motor Regulator Speed Controller For Electric Bicycle E-bike Scooter

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Item specifics

  • Motor Type: AC Motor
  • Model Number: 48V/64V 350W
Product Description


Voltage: 48/60/64V
Rated power: 600W
Current limit: 33 A
Phase Angle: 60/120° universal
Functions: cruise function, reverse function, high and low level brake, instrument, power supply, motor three-phase, hall

- Ultra-quiet function, true brushless motor pulsating current shortcomings, the start process noise and vibration to a minimum.
- Safe start, and increase the start torque, make the start more stable.
- When reversing, the speed is adjusted under the limited low speed to ensure the safety of reversing.
- Three - step speed regulation, with speed regulation turn to make speed regulation more convenient and safe.
- Under voltage protection, over current protection, MOS tube short circuit protection, complete power off protection, over temperature protection.
- Power off brake, EABS+ mechanical brake, high and low level.
- The flexible EABS brake greatly increases the safety and reliability of the whole vehicle braking, achieves the quiet and gentle effect of the brake, reduces the impact to the motor without damaging the motor, and reduces the silent sound of the brake.
- When the motor is blocked, the controller will limit the current automatically and cut off the loop automatically after blocking and turning for 3 seconds, which truly protects the motor and the controller and prevents accidental burning.
- Speed limit and current limit function, driving speed control in the set speed range.
- Anti - flying car function, solve the bad speed regulation or circuit fault caused by the phenomenon of flying car, at the same time start flying car function, improve the safety of the system.
- Self-check function, when the controller is powered on, the controller will automatically detect: handle, brake, hall, MOS tube, etc., to ensure the safety of driving.
- Anti-theft function, the use of external alarm to achieve anti-theft purpose, in the case of anti-theft motor automatic lock.

Package included:
1 x Brushless Controller