Dog Team 6-Play House Suitcase with Pull Rod Boys And Girls CHILDREN'S Furniture Wang University Work Toy Set

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  • Brand: Zhenxing
  • Type: Model Room Furniture
  • : 8827
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Note: freight is small travel trolley freight
The freight for the large size is higher, and you need to contact customer service to change the price. Thank you
            Amazing experience bring to children
           3 selling points:
             1.Convenient storage for travel trolley travel
                     Collocation matching box is convenient for children to storage toy, and it is convenient for children to carriable when they go out to play own    Small model:3610-13610




           Large size:undefined




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                                     Care for your baby, care for your baby, make a toy that your mother can rest assured mom
Suitcase can cultivate children storage own food capacity, is children future life of BEEKING skills, is tens mother's wish
               So hot selling is not reasons !!!

Product Parameters


Product Information
Product Name Educational Play House toys dog team Furniture Co., travel trolley.  
Product Item number 8825  
Product Weight


Product Size 33*15*58 CM  
Index product Products
Colorful box packaging Bubble Bag  
Product material Plastic
Safe certification 3C


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