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Product Description

In order to enable members to get services they deserve in our store and to avoid unpleasant sound . In the principles of mutual understanding, fairness and voluntariness, the two sides jointly abide by the following terms:
First, the store promises
Our the straight connector released information resposible, such as sound  inconsistent straight connector to the merchant losses, by this website bear. However, refuse to bear the losses caused by the customer's own reasons (such as not looking at product details and product attribute. For example single pendant is not necklace of, product non-gift box, product size and imagining different etc.) hope customer can ask to see more.
Product image is real object photo shoot, but some from network, each commodity description are as accurate as possible, customers can rest assured purchase. If there is a serious mistake caused by the negligence of this site, we will correct it in time and return it processing of charge.
Strictly gatekeeping the quality of the product. If it is a quality problem, the company will implement unconditional return maintenance.
Remarks: The company is resposible for the current confirmed instant order. Because information often need updated, as in member under order after sound  change, we will promptly notify, by member determine whether cancel order.
Second, member order requirements
Carefully check order (price, quantity, specification and other), if you have special requirements, need for timely description.
The delivery address and contact method must be accurate, otherwise it will bear the related losses caused by this.
Timely payment of order payment. No payment was made within three days of the order as follows and the order will be automatically voided.
Please check the goods (quantity, quality, specification, etc.) after product arrival. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. If no problem please timely confirm receipt, and to five-star well rated! (Thank you !)
Three, Others agreements
Both sides like through others contact method according with the conflict between provisions, on mutually agreed execution.
Defective exchange: Member in received goods after 3-7 days, if found Indeed quality problems of product. Please contact the company first and then exchange, the company bear a freight.
Company maintenance or maintenance: the company will charge relevant costs according to the actual situation. If company reasons caused by product quality problem Company unconditional resposible exactly, for customer due to careless product of damage to the, will according to customer requirements of company be maintenance processing, but back and forth postage by customer self-bear, if maintenance when Xiucheng surpass 10.00 yuan of costs being overseen by customer bear basic labor costs.

Merchant doubts

A, Product advantage: silver material, and fine silver accessories advantages

Accessories material uses made import imported soft cupronickel and silver refining. Gloss Silver, even cutting surface, Most people also hard to  resolution. Fine Silver apart from to the price of huge difference; high quality electroplated platinum layer enhanced version thick silver, protector, surface maintains color for a long time, not easy to fade, anti oxidation, hypoallergenic! (Which necklace silver content higher, non-others manufacturers comparable, arguably never fade !)

BRich product line: currently available, new New Products Guide customizable demand

Rich product line is our foundation, whether it is hot selling or QIANLI New style, we can provide our existing stock supply to merchants. Our company every month new products release, lead the fashion boutique, also can according to customer of any demand flexible product of customizable, not need excessive demands, small medium customer are all OK participation cooperation.

CExcellent production line: strong productivity, continuous improvement process, high-end product

Our daily life yield are thousands or above, and possesses numerous of processing plant, as soon as possible of Shorten production cycle, on shipping. Product of production have ten variety process, from product since version to factory inspection, each procedure necessary, have strict requirements. Profession high-end accessories, because profession, so dedicated!

DOur services: provide effective help lower the requirements of wholesale

Simple supply not we by Heart of purpose, we do what we can to assist businesses fast sale product, so we set up experienced promotional department, share promotion method, provide Product pictures propaganda and store design of scheduling and other help. Our company can mix wholesale, mixed batch threshold extra low. Single model 100 from plans to sample Customizable New products!


Processing customizable

Company relying on its own factory, for customer provide cool processing customizable and other services
Merchant just provide product sample or product details clear image and related size, we can According to these processing customizable.
We will according to customer of customizable demand of product estimate, verification.
Production as merchants need to prepaid mould costs, 0-100 yuan, I division in through reverse mould out of sample were communicate confirmation verify, I division in implementation production.
Large amount customizable order, production before, Business door according to customizable of quantity to prepaid 20-50% of start funds.

To join (temporarily does not support not currently available to join mode)

*Advantages of online shop joining --
1. The company provide optimized product packets for your use.
2. Provide a generation of delivery of services, large limits lower your cost. (Only support old customers, need to increase some costs)
3. Unify the price of the product, avoid malicious price competition, and standardize the market.
4. Provide the existing stock quantity every week, so that merchants can always understand stock and avoid the pressure of no goods hanging.

5. A small amount of out-of-stock of product, in you order after three to five days we Factory also will attend to your processing and shipments.

6. Provide new products promotion every month, guide sale and promote the transaction atmosphere.

*Online shop joining conditions --
1. Requires that you have own of Taobao shop, Pat shop network sale platform (Taobao shop data completed, Pat others second party platform data need transformation, need you will separate operation ).
2. Understand and can skillfully use data package Upload and modify tool.
3. The product will be optimized and adjustment accordingly.
4. The need for product data packets must pay the 100 yuan deposit, get more than 100 yuan to return the deposit, or a single pick 500 yuan.
5. Getting goods price unified, enjoyment sales upgrade membership discount preferential price.
6. Abide by our market specifications and avoid bad competition.