220V single-phase motor soft starter module controller2KW4KW6KW8KW motor online soft starting fan pump pressure reducer conveyor

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Item specifics

  • Voltage: 220V
  • Model Number: SSR-60WA-R1
  • Place of origin: China Soft Start Module
  • Single-phase: 220V 230V 240V
  • Motor: Controller module
Product Description

This product is commonly used for motors with the following voltages:

220V ... (50Hz, 60Hz). 230V ... (50Hz, 60Hz). 240V ... (50Hz, 60Hz). The above three voltages are universal for this product.

Single-phase 220V soft start module use range:

Petroleum, chemical, fire, construction, metallurgy, building materials, mining, environmental protection and other fields. Fans, pumps, belt conveyors, ball mills, car washing machines, conveyors and compressors. It is an ideal replacement for traditional star/delta conversion, auto-coupling buck, magnetic control buck, inverter and other step-down starting devices.

220V single-phase motor soft start module (motor conversion method)

model: SSR-20WA-R1 (1kw) SSR-40WA-R1 (1.5kw) SSR-60WA-R1 (2kw) SSR-100WA-R1 (4kw) SSR-150WA-R1 (6kw) SSR-200WA-R1 (8kw) According to the actual working current 5 times: power ÷ voltage × 5 in case: Your motor is 8000w power ÷ 220v voltage × 5 = (181.81WA should choose 200WA) should choose the parameter closest to that model. our soft start is universal for the motor, regardless of whether the motor has a capacitor or not.

If your motor is working for a long time, the motor above 2000W needs to be equipped with a heat sink.

Working environment temperature range -25°C~60°C