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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for i8x
Phones are fine however I didn’t like the surprised charges that I had to pay to receive the phone. That should be stated somewhere so st least people are aware of this charge
Phineas really good and nice that a EU power adapter was included. Though optional bundle with cover was unecessary since a cover is included with the phones package (Xiaomi original). Should have been clearly stated in description som you could make abetter decision on which bundle tog choose. Also tempered glass in bundle has black borders covering the far edges of the screen.
Item came well packed. It’s still early to tell as the earphones will require some burn in time to settle down. Sound quality wise it’s fantastic. It takes some time set up the earphones as it is not easy to see the L and R clearly. Also takes some time to putting on the earphones. The given earbuds are hopelessly lousy fit for my ears and it’s not a good seal. Will be changing to the KZ memory foam ones. Hope they give better fit and seal. Other than that I love the sound quality!
Looks very nice is VERY small, even smaller than I expected ! Works fine for now, j ust half hour working now, nice for holidays not for daily use. If you are om holiday you can receive Whatsapp etc. etc. and Browser is also good working , Playstore works fine, all aops are working. SOYES 6S is little slower than SOYES 7S but it can have 2 sims AND a micro SD card at the same time ! Aand you can use it with a headphone as MP3 player. Soyos 7S does not have phone jacket input and can only have 1 simcard and sd card or 2 simcards without a sd card. This SOYES 6S is great (for holidays or as sparephone or for your kids