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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ic
Everything works well. Did a router based on the following firmware for the Xiaomi Zigbee network. hxxp:// /cc2530-based-zigbee-coordinator-and-router-112/ Just one note: this board is really small and does not have dedicated pins for the debug interface. But all necessary pins exist on headers. I've made a temporary layout on a breadboard.
Thank you! Perfectly as described. If someone is not satisfied by the current measurement precision - it could be adjusted slightly by adding a or some extra resistors in parallel with R010 on your own! The product is wonderful, well soldered - thus recommend to everyone!
Very good, took me 1,5 hours to find out how to work with it; here's a summary for the ones who need it: attiny13 frequency: 1,2 MHz I used an arduino UNO as ISP to install the bootloader (didn't come equipped with it, I think) Arduino pin 13 - ATTiny pin 7 Arduino pin 12 - ATTiny pin 6 Arduino pin 11 - ATTiny pin 5 Ardunio pin 10 - ATTiny pin 1 Arduino +5v - ATTiny pin 8 Arduino GNd - ATTiny pin 4 all the other steps are easily found on the internet :) good luck!