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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for insta360 one
The delivery was fast. I didn’t expect only 3 days for an international shipment. The camera is exactly what I want, 4K video, inside Gimble, microSD card. I need a selfie stick.
Plastic broke first time I tried open / close. Seller has been very responsive and promised to send new one. Let's see, got a tracking number. Pretty sure this is not an original case (at that price, no surprise), so, I would not entrust my 300$ to go diving in this, but I guess it is sufficient as rain protection. Again, thanks to seller for cooperation. Will chime back if / when I receive replay.
The delivery wasn't as fast because another item that I bought later arrived earlier. But overall, not too long a wait. Product looks good. Did a simple test and it works just like it said it will work. Good buy.