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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for intelligent camera
All is good, auto tracking motion is quick & panning is just 0.5s lag. Want to praise the App that came along, the settings is really helpful and essential. This may or may not be an issue as I’m using mesh wifi and I can’t setup using wifi, I was able to setup using QR scan, small issue. Overall good product, fast shipping & fantastic App.
I'm very satisfied with this home CAM , shipment and seller's services. ordered 7/17, delivered 3/31(to korea) Good working and Quality also pretty good. my iPhone6 works well with this cam. Good~~~.
Very pleased with the quality of the camera! Camera is very clear, Trajectory works well and the picture is very clear even in complete darkness. Its surprisingly small and very discreet and barely noticeable when fitted. Very easy to install, even for me who has no electronics or automobile training! (photo makes camera / display look more pixelated than it is due to being close up...looks much clearer in real life) Communications with GreenYi are absolutely first class...well spoken, very helpful and very fast to reply!.
The camera with only 64MB RAM and no hardware light sensor as in original version. Looks like the end switches on the rotation mechanism were removed as well. If buying to hack will be problematic a bit as not all functions will work, example is auto night mode won't work or Full HD video won't be possible due to 64MB RAM.
a little bit difficult to connect to wifi, but at least managed it. if you know how it is absolutly easy and the cam has works great and has great features!!!!